Section Eight Solutions – Noise and Wasted Energy

scorp-section-eight-logoThe Pros and Cons of a fossil fuel generator Part I

Noise. I abhor noise, so that is the first thing we can take a look at. A generator generates, obviously in this instance, electricity. It also generates noise and heat. We can think about the heat in a minute, let us start with noise. Some make a hell of a noise and others use the “silent running” as a selling point. How silent is a salesman’s silent? The Honda EX650 silent suitcase generator produces 79dB@1m noise. To put that in perspective here are some examples:

190 dB Heavy weapons, @10m (maximum level)

180 dB Toy pistol fired close to ear (maximum level)

170 dB Fire cracker explodes on shoulder, small arms @ 50cm (maximum level)

80 dB Very loud traffic noise of passing lorries at 7.5m distance


There are two viable solutions to this problem.


Make up a system that uses a much smaller generator, 1,5Kw, that produces an output equal or larger than the big generator. (Smaller the generator the lower the dB level)


Attach a more efficient baffle than the standard manufactures one.


And here we jump to the next problem, wasted energy. How? Where? Last time I looked it takes energy to heat anything, water for example. What if …… what if, you have designed a baffle that ALSO supplies a source of hot water?


A fully Section Eight Solution, you must admit.

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