Rhino Wars – The Art of War


Diversion and redirection. My enemy is a master of the art of war, my allies? Well, I worry about them. I write this particular piece because it has come to my attention, via the hunting community (the enemy of my enemy is my friend) that ”legal” hunting of rhino is alive and well. I am told by a hunter that in May last year two rhino were processed to be hunted, by Thai’s once again.

Which brings us to diversion. Remember Radermeyer’s huge success with his book, “Killing for Profit”? All the rah, rahing when a guy with an unpronounceable name got 40 years for his part in the business? Classic win….. for the bad guys.

Every activist, well almost every activist was so excited and hundreds of thousands of comments flew all over the net, claiming a great victory for the anti poaching business. (And a business it is) That little mission had nothing to do with poaching per se, and everything to do with the corruption of the ANC government, that is all. Oh, and Radermeyer became a lot more famous, made some money out of the dead rhino too I presume. In the real world, new officials were put in place and they refined the system. Again I tell you, there are more missing rhino than known dead ones. Salute to my enemy a classic diversion from the actual poaching. Good tactics one battle does not win a war and they seemed to have lost that one.

Once the public attention had died down they had already put in place the next move, they set up the “legal” hunting and more! “We” helped them. All this relocation of rhino to a safe place…..

It is so secret that no one knows where, or how many are moved.

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