Rhino Wars – A Five Year Review

scorp-section-eight-logoI re-read Rhino Wars – Private Military Company vs Anti poaching and thought about it………..

It is patently obvious that everything done to this point has achieved absolutely nothing. Those people that have tried with their heart and souls, poured time and money into this mission are going to hate that statement, and me for saying it. There is a quote that says something about people will not hate evil deeds, the person that commits them, nor evil itself, as much as they hate the person that points it out. I find this to be true.

However if you can get past that, think about what I am saying, we have accomplished NOTHING worthwhile in the past five years. The statistics of the dead rhino tell us this truth. You may say that if we did nothing the statistics would be worse? I do not believe if every good intentioned civilian’s effort was taken out of the equation that the figures would have changed much at all. The only thing that may have been different is that the current 1000 + rhino poached a year would have been reached sooner.

If you have bothered to read this far you may think I have given up. This is a false assumption; I am only giving up on all the failed tactics that are proving so ineffective thus far.

Long ago I wrote, all the causes, whether it be Save the Rhino or… (Fill in your own favourite mission)….they will all come to naught unless we can curb the absolute corruption within our government.

We have lost this battle and throwing more men and money into a lost battle is stupid. Losing the battle does not mean losing the whole war, we just have to fight elsewhere first, and then regroup and re-fight the Rhino War from a much stronger position, and with better backup.

The little stickers that say things like, “Save a Rhino, kill a poacher” irritate the shit out of me and make some people money, that will never be used to save one rhino. I do believe another one I saw may be much more pertinent. “Save the Boer, and HE will save the Rhino.” I think he may also get the lights on again.

Of course as the name of my blog says, this is just One Man’s Opinion. But please think about it, and where you spend your energy.


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