The Mandela/ANC Legacy….. Made Simple.

scorp-section-eight-logoThe fact is that both did NOTHING but ride to power by terror and piggyback.

I know that this will be disputed, never mind. Let us take the Bush War as a start. The actual soldiers fighting were mainly Namibians (SWAPO), Zambians, Cubans, some Russians, A Chinese or two, and the Angolans. I meet VERY few South African MK vets that saw combat. The finance came from both the Commies and America, Britain and Europe, ironically. And a few bank robberies in SA….

Most of the top dogs lived it up in foreign countries all over the world, sponging off those gullible twits.

Now twenty years after being GIVEN the most economically stable country in Africa, the facts speak for themselves. The Eskom situation just highlights (pun intended) the situation.

Anything that goes wrong is blamed, still, on apartheid, the race card is flashed. In fact this just shows the continued infantile behaviour of our present government, as if “Daddy” did not give them f-ing enough! The rest of the world is sick of giving, giving, giving and the obnoxious baby is in deep shit. So it sells us out to China. Years ago my history teacher use to say, “Beware the sleeping Dragon.” Our wildlife is doomed.

That is the sum of it, short and sweet, or maybe a bitter little pill for the liberal idiots to swallow?


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