Rhino Wars – On Causes


Firstly, no matter what cause you choose to fight, until the ludicrously high rate of corruption in South Africa is addressed and put right, we stand no chance of success. If by some miracle all the hundreds of causes one sees on facebook could join and fight this common enemy we have a small chance, not of ending the corruption; that is unrealistic even within the realms of miracles, but of bringing it down to “acceptable” norms of this modern society we have created.

The second problem of causes is the amount of armchair warriors we find, they latch on to a cause and sail forth, mainly with a vague half assed theory and fuck all experience. Sitting in a plush chair on an expensive laptop they blow smoke with cyber generated word. My personal pet hate is all the people that post the comments about killing the poachers. It shows not only ignorance but total lack of understanding in general.

Highly emotive, and useless. I too doubt if 99% of the people that cyber scream, that given the chance they would not only kill the poachers but mutilate them as well, could. Killing a man, any man is a ….. difficult thing and changes you for life. They should pray that they never have to. Instead of sitting doing a whole bunch of ranting and raving about the rhino, if a percentage got off their backsides and in their posh 4×4 and went into the hot zones, volunteering to help patrol or take out the guys in an APU, which has a broken down vehicle it would do more good for the rhino that the hundreds of hours they waste typing all sorts of shit on their favourite facebook group.

As usual this is… just one man’s opinion.

The Mexican Horse Thief Stories




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