Rhino Wars – Causes and Social Media

scorp-section-eight-logoWith the phenomenon of Social Media, never in the history of man have there being more causes available to the general public to sign up for. Never too, has it being so easy to join a cause without actually doing anything of value. I believe the main reasons people jump on this platform is for self gratitude, self pride, selfagrandment and other things involving self. Call me cynical, I think it is a valid observation. The fact that the majority of the people that sign up for,( fill in your favorite cause) is, again just one, reason most causes on Social Media sites seem to gain thousands of members but accomplish so little. Signing up on a facebook group/page and sprouting your opinion, or worse, some half-baked ideas that you stole from others and meshed in with your one idea is not doing much for any cause at all, just good for your ego.

The other reason for the downfall of the (put your favorite cause here) is that many nefarious people know the above and will head up a cause and their only intention is to make money. Some are honest with themselves and know that is their cause with in the cause, but obviously do not tell the general public. They use the people not mentioned in the first paragraph for this end, very successfully.

Those fit all causes all around the world but to get specific let us take the Rhino Anti Poaching causes here in South Africa. Considering that in the last four years that I have watching the statistics around this cause, I have never bigger failure of a venture involving so many people in my life. The records speaks for itself, I will not, cannot actually, list all the groups and pages that sprouted up. They have thousands and thousands of people joining but the few that contribute seem to just fight amongst themselves in cyberspace, some may actually go to a march now and then and plant crosses for the dead rhino.  

I can but will not name the Anti Poaching Units that also popped up, some actually have people in them and do a little military – like exercises, for a price. Shit the volunteers have to pay to be f-ed around by a self styled little NCO; that may or may not have been in the army THIRTY years ago or some youngster that has never done more than read a book about combat..  Most are a cyber illusion, dress some people up in cammos and post photo on facebook along with some emotive shit, use any donations to party.

Why can I say it is a big failure? The growth rate for success in this case would be the amount of  rhino that do not get killed and poachers and especially their masters that get caught BEFORE a rhino goes down. The figures of dead rhino just increases and a few lowly poachers get caught. The media calls the catching of a Vietnam national our biggest success in the war against poachers. Read Killing for Profit. That is bullshit too, that man hunted rhino legally, because of corruption in our government. His capture has nothing to do with the poaching syndicates and do nothing to slow down the killing, just closed a door on that scam.

On the bright side.

There are people out there, with a small presence of Social Media but a huge presence on the ground.

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Here is a story of developing and breaking an addiction, while dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome at the same time.



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