The Dark Ages

In this time of instant communication, the internet and all the ways to obtain knowledge we are instead entering a new Dark Age. In fact it is far worse than the Dark Ages of the past. Now you think I have lost the plot. I do not think so at all, taking the following facts into consideration.

Man has always had the ability to take a good thing and ruin it; the chief reason for this has, and always will be, greed. So we now have this thing called the information hi-way, and people should be better informed of the world around them. The first problem, a small one, is that the quantity of information available is daunting. The big problem is not the accuracy per se, of that information. It is the manipulation that causes us to be in a worse state than one of ignorance. The same technology and innovation that gave us the ability to broadcast knowledge gave unscrupulous men, and women, the ability to twist and provide “proof” of what they would like us to believe. Years ago the statement was branded around, “A photograph cannot lie.” That statement was accurate until the event of Photoshop, if skilled in any of the modern Photoshop programs; one can damn well make a photo say what every you want it to say.

Introduced into the equation are all the “experts” and the big qualifications that they have behind their names. Again years ago a Doctor was regarded as the pillar of knowledge, never mind a Professor. The thing is the Doctors of years ago had something called honour. In the modern world if you have enough money you call get a doctor/professor to prove any bloody theory you like, backed up not only by charts and things but by photographs too.

As usual to find out who is guilty, like in the case of murder, the question is simple, “Who benefits?” From there it can get a little complicated, a fact that Conspiracy Theorist are a mixed bunch and some of them absolutely crazy helps. The main people caught spreading disinformation has to be the politicians, and the reason why is pretty clear, on the surface, power because that equals money. The weapons of mass destruction that never gets found are a case in point. The events that led up to the “War on Terror” are an excellent example of how complicated finding the truth/knowledge is. 9/11 has so many “facts” brandished around my head spins.

The two big issues other than the Christian / Islam one are, Global Warming and GMO’s. With all the contradictory “evidence” going around it is hard, no impossible to get a clear view via the information hi-way. Both involve BIG money, so again, who benefits the most will cheat the most is the best way to look at this.

The GMO business is cut and dried for me, I need read no further. It has been proven, in the history of man, whenever he messes about with nature it caused huge problems. All the clever people either did not know, or did but did not care, they wanted the money.  I would seem to me, if the human race is to survive they will have to get stupid quickly.  Now we need to just find out, who is behind the politicians, and shoot them.

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Here is a story of developing and breaking an addiction, while dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome at the same time.



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2 Responses to “The Dark Ages”

  1. jimshu Says:

    It is now big money driving climate change alarmism. Climate has always changed, will always change as Nature deems fit. The human influence is minor in comparison to the natural forcings. Much more research is now being published establishing the sun as the main driver of climate change.
    But we have spent 1,7 trillion dollars so far on climate issues and the UN proposes a 100 billion a year Climate fund. That sort of money is powerful incentive for a lot of people to ensure climate change is presented to the public as something we need to be fearful about and that we need to fight it.
    The tragedy of this is it means less money to fight for what really matters right now – the fight to stop wildlife exploitation, the protection of wilderness, the clean up of our oceans, and to alleviate poverty- all these should be our major focus.

  2. Wayne Bisset Says:

    Reblogged this on Section Eight Solutions.

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