Responsibility of your actions

Not the first lesson I learned in my Strange Classrooms unfortunately, as without grasping the concept of this simple statement, all other lessons are null and void. To actually understand it and then act on it is the key. So simple and if each person did this we would live in an almost perfect world. Even if we only had the people with good intentions doing this it would improve this messed up world immensely.

The biggest problem lies not with the person that just refuses outright to take responsibility; they are in a minority, believe it or not. The main problem can be summed up in one word, justification. Replace responsibility with justification and there lies the problem.

Justification of your actions.

Well, here we can go from the sublime to the ridiculous in no time flat.   My favorite was when Hansie Cronje , after accepting bribes to throw cricket matches, claimed the Devil made him do it! He has a lot of company, millions of people blame the Devil for their lack of moral fibre, an easy but well worn excuse. The more sophisticated way of shifting blame is to claim a medical condition caused one to act in an unacceptable manner. The courts are full of people that claim temporary insanity, at the cost of millions of tax Dollars, for the prosecution to prove otherwise. But modern society is on the side of the people that prefer to justify not take responsibility. The medical profession makes millions out of perpetrating this concept, a new disease is invented on a regular bases; so now every eventuality, if not covered, will be. The best example was when the American Medical profession decided that obesity is a medical disorder. I think McDonalds funded the pseudo research into that one! Now one can eat like a pig and have an unhealthy lifestyle as one wishes, never exercise and not feel bad at the state ones body is in. They are NOT fat lazy slobs, they have a proven medical disorder. The American medical profession has not come up with a cure for this terrible affliction yet, but curtain countries, a lot in Africa, have. It is called poverty.

In my one of my Strange Classrooms I have the fucking horrors when a speaker stands up and begins his speech with an apology. “ Please excuse me if I ramble a bit, but you see I have  ABCWXYZ .”(that ABC thing that causes you to not be able to concentrate). Or , “ I am so grateful to this program for breaking my addiction and sorting my life out, now I only fuck up because, you see I have…” You can choose which ABC to put in, I have heard them all.

Of course I am going to get some very angry retorts about this viewpoint/opinion, but before you attack me please understand that I am not really responsible for what I think or write. You see I am an alcoholic for one, worse, as I do not seek medical help, a phobia I have, relating to some terrible childhood trauma where a doctor almost killed me; but I think if I did, the medical chaps would be able to prove these disorders too:

Bi-polar, ADHD, PTSD and a few others .

I can justify any bad, lazy, shit action I wish!

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Here is a story of developing and breaking an addiction, while dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome at the same time.



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