Rhino Wars – South African Retail Business, the ANC and Poaching

scorp-section-eight-logo(As China is NOT the biggest importer of rhino horn this blog should perhaps be called Ivory Wars.)

It came to my attention some time back that Edgars stock is almost all imported from China. Edgars is part of a larger company called Edcon , so Jet, Boardmans and CNA is part of them too. So with my simple way of looking at things, past all the bullshit, I thought that people that are serious about conservation should boycott the group. Unfortunately very, very few things are simple.

The first problem is that the amount of people concerned with wildlife in South Africa is miniscule. My article Rhino Wars- The X Factor shows why. Regardless of all the insults and drama that article caused me to receive, I stand my ground, nay, I HOLD my ground. In this case we have an example that shows how ineffectual a boycott can be when the majority of the population does not support it. A while back there were calls for people to boycott Woolworths because of their blatant racist policies. Woolworths did not even feel a tingle. Wrong race was involved. Compare that with a boycott that the Mini Bus industry supports, those chaps bring the whole country to a standstill. Until we fix the X Factor boycotts in aid of our wildlife will remain a joke.

Then I read this article, it was written years back and by the amount of Chinese goods in Edgars TODAY we can see where this went.

Retailers express further concerns around Chinese import quotas

Here we can see:

1.The retail industry is concerned, very concerned, but not about the rhino and elephant, only the money. As the popular little pictures on facebook say, “ And not a fuck was given that day.” About the animals that is.

2.That the ANC is directly supporting the poaching. Directly because I believe that all it takes for evil (poaching) to prevail is for good men to do nothing. The ANC has it in their power to boycott ALL Chinese imports, telling them to end the poaching and then the imports can be negotiated.

The Rhino War is not a complete loss, yet, but we must stop fighting the enemy on foreign shores and concentrate on the enemy at home. The two above are a good starting point.

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2 Responses to “Rhino Wars – South African Retail Business, the ANC and Poaching”

  1. Ailsa Jean Loudon Says:

    Very good article. True, the vast majority of South Africans don’t give a damn about wildlife or anything else that doesn’t directly touch their lives!

  2. Karin Kilborn Says:

    Agreed both Wayne and Ailsa, the majority have to be onside for initiatives to work, they care only about surviving day to day. Compassion for their own is wanting so why care about animals, they come at the bottom of the list. It is all about money, honey!!!!

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