Rhino Wars – The X Factor

scorp-section-eight-logoThere is one important factor in the effort to save the rhino that is NEVER mentioned, never mind discussed. The fact that the majority of the people, that make up the majority of the population in South Africa, either do not care or worse; see the rhino as belonging to the Whites. There is no, and never will be, a formal study or census of this. I first picked up on this about three years ago, my tracker in the Waterberg told me this. Since then I have asked a few of my Black friends to find out what the people say. The findings were not very inspiring or hopeful.

My friends,  that work at the Universities and the Hospitals, found amongst their colleagues a few that were aware of the problem, less than 1% cared about it either way. Then my friends that work in factories and ride the taxis reported what they had found. It is worse than bad. A 100% negative response. The most hopeful response was that the person did not know about the rhino. Why is that good, you ask? Because the other answers were so bad.

The majority that did know a little about the problem shrugged it off and said it was a White man’s problem. Even that is bad, but not the worst yet. A small percentage support the killing of the rhino whole heartedly. The reason being, that if they kill rhino, which belong to the White man, they are doing the “cause” some good. The way things are in South Africa right now, and the worsening Black racism is not only bad for the Whiteou, it is extremely bad for the conservation of any wild animals in South Africa.

As I have said, the Rhino Wars has to be fought on many levels, the pathetic “ Shoot a Poacher” approach is and was never the solution.

If you doubt that there are many Blacks that think this way, you are either ignorant, or do not wish to see what is in front of your eyes.  If people with a mindset that thinks it is not only acceptable but a good thing to kill little human babies, the animals are doomed.


Take this information and put it into the Pro Trade/No Trade equation. The Pro Trade want to give the very people that think this way the power of dealing in rhino horn. For that statement I will get flak. Your argument no matter what it is; is invalid. The fact is that the government will be in charge, period. The fact is that the government is filled with people that hold the above views. The fact is the head of the government, Zuma, is one of the worst. This is undeniable. He is recorded on many occasions showing his contempt for the White man. He openly supports Mugabe who has just banned all “white” things in his country.  The list is endless. Pity the rhino if the Pro Trade is victorious, it will be a hollow victory for the poor mis-informed people that actually believe they are supporting a good cause.

Please remember, this blog is… Just One Man’s Opinion.


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2 Responses to “Rhino Wars – The X Factor”

  1. John Says:

    Excellent honest, truthful and unvarnished assessment. It is not unreasonable to believe that an honest understanding of the situation on the ground should be recognized and acknowledged in support of viable problem solving.

  2. RKSOFT Says:

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