Rhino Wars – Pro Trade and Treated Rhino Horn

scorp-section-eight-logoIn order to find the truth in a situation, one does not have to ask a lot of questions, just the right ones. Then once you have the answers, getting into a debate with some over educated pseudo intellectual is just a waste of time. As there are many issues surrounding the rhino poaching and one cannot get involved with them all and still be effective, I ignored the Pro Trade / No Trade completely. Then one fine day I was contacted by an Albina Hume. She started to send me long messages about why the Pro Trade was the ONLY way to go. She asked me to write a blog about it. I had to answer, that I knew very little about the issue but would look into it and write what I found. It took about 20 minutes to see that the Pro Trade was wrong in so many of their assumptions and arguments. Flooding a market was the real ringdinger!

The answers from some may not be honest, but that can be seen. All you have to do is check the motivation of the person for giving the answer and who benefits by their opinion. If they do not seem to benefit directly, see who they are connected to. So far for every shady answer I have received and been suspicious of, the person either benefits directly or is on a payroll of someone who does. Everytime! The blog was written and I made another group of enemies, got some nasty things said about me and all the usual shit. Never mind. Pro Trade Article

That brings me to date. I have been in contact with Lorinda Hern via the internet for a couple of years, but we had never met in person. I saw the Rhino Rescue Project and loved the idea. Again I did not dwell on it too much; my mission was trying to get a ring of steel around the rhino.

Then I got the opportunity to go on a treatment with Lorinda, meet the people involved, not only the team but the rhino owners too. I asked my few questions. I heard the inherent dangers of the project from the veterinarian, who was very straightforward about it all. The watched the process, twice, from beginning to end. I asked Lorinda about the costs involved and saw that if you are not willing to spend R8000 to R10 000 on the treatment to protect an animal that is worth R200 000+, your math is worse than mine and you care little for that rhino. It was interesting to see the answer from the Kruger Park as to why they will not treat the Rhino Horn.

The main question will be, “Does it work to save a rhinos life?” I believe it does, so far not one treated animal has been poached, nor according to the land owner, untreated animals in the immediate area; as the poacher cannot be sure which animal has or has not been treated.

I am not an academic and do not write academic papers here, so if you need all the ins and outs, I am sure RRP will supply the data. For me it is very clear. Here are my questions.

Can we afford NOT to try this route, at a piddling Ten Grand?

Who will be the most upset if ALL horn is rendered worthless?

If a treated rhino is poached, who will not gain some satisfaction that some rich assholes at the other end of the world are going to be very, very ill?

To the last, I shall be unhappy another rhino is killed, but the first report of people getting ill from treated horn will please me greatly. Guerilla warfare at its best, attacking the enemy in his own camp, sowing seeds of doubt and mistrust, it will mark the first direct assault for the warriors in this Rhino War.

Drilling Closeup

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5 Responses to “Rhino Wars – Pro Trade and Treated Rhino Horn”

  1. Caroline Mason Says:

    Excellent piece, well said. And a great way to sort the wheat from the chaff.

  2. The Long Road Back Says:

    Well said!

  3. Norman Doak Says:

    At least the rhino does not die. Norman Doak

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