Strange Classrooms – Personal Inventory

scorp-section-eight-logoIn many of the Strange Classrooms it is recommended that one does a personal inventory of one self. Some say this is necessary in order to get connected on a higher plain, some just in order to have a better life. To do it once is good, but to do it once a day is better. If you can, to do it before you open your mouth is excellent! This made me think about how the modern world depicts success, mainly on how much money you make and the material things you own. I have this list, on the left is all the not so good things and on the right is the better way. Every day I try take out my list and check how I am doing. If my left box has ticks in it, this is no surprise, human nature. If my right box has ticks in it I am happy, progress is being made. When my right box has more ticks than the left, THAT is a successful day for me. By analyzing why the left box is ticked and deciding to do something about it, then acting on it, causes the right box to full up more rapidly.

One day I would like to have this list in my head and look at it before I say or do anything.

Selfish & Self Seeking     Interest in Others  
Dishonesty Honesty
Frightened Courage
Inconsiderate Consideration
Pride Humility
Greed Giving/Sharing
Anger Calmness
Envy Gratitude
Sloth Action
Gluttony Moderation
Impatience Patience
Intolerance Tolerence
Resentment Forgiveness
Hate Love and concern
Harmful acts Good Deeds
Self-pity Self-forgetfulness
Self Justification Humility
Self-importance Modesty
Self-condemnation Self-forgiveness
Suspicion Trust
Doubt Faith

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2 Responses to “Strange Classrooms – Personal Inventory”

  1. Carol Says:

    Love Love Love this Wayne! 🙂

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