Rhino Wars – The Rhino Issue (Mis)Management Report

scorp-section-eight-logo“The RIM report does, however, state that there is support to include commercial international trade in rhino horn as an integral part of South Africa’s comprehensive response strategy to address the continued illegal killing of rhinos.”

We are now losing one rhino every 9 1/2 hrs instead of every 11 hours. If this keeps up at this pace for the rest of the 160 days of this year we will lose another 401 rhino for a total of 915. Yet the government says they are doing all that they can to stop the killing. So now, by legalizing the trade in horn they believe they will control the business?  66 rhino get slaughtered in ONE week and ONE arrest is made; of a scraggly poacher, not an important person in the scheme of things, actually the lowest of the low. I put it to you that the government cannot control a group of nursery school children, never mind an international syndicate of greedy, amoral and very intelligent people.  The fact is, it is inconceivable that such a huge operation such as the poaching has become, can be so successful without some form of government co-operation.  The ANC’s record speaks for itself as far as corruption and money grabbing is concerned.

If all the money that the government is spending on the obviously unsuccessful attempts to curb the poaching was used to subsidize the infusion of poison into each and every rhino in this country we could send out a much more effective message to the market. Not the one opening trade will convey, which is not only criminal but confusing.

“We have proven that rhino horn is useless as a medicine but, hell, we will sell it to you anyway.”

A much clearer message, “Rhino horn is not only NOT a medicine, but ours is poisoned too.”

Works for me.

Next month I am going along with Lorinda Hern and RRPRhino, on a treatment and will have a much clearer idea of exactly how this works, and no doubt a lot to say. :}


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