Rhino Wars.. and Marketing

Qz Rhino Pro tradeI posted this photo on a Saving the Rhino site, asking the question of how the Pro Trade people, those that are fighting to make trade in rhino horn legal, how they plan to satisfy this market. I asked because their main argument for legalizing the trade is to saturate the Asian market. They claim that with the stockpiled horn and then sawing most of the horn off living rhinos they can do this, thus end the poaching.

To show how little thought people put into their opinions I have a lovely first comment.

I find it hard to believe that every person living inside the circle are demanding rhino horn.”

Talk about a no brainer! Of course not every person would buy rhino horn, so I replied, I find it hard to believe that you say that. Not every person will buy horn; that is obvious. America is the biggest buyer of hardwood and the Amazon cannot supply the market. Not every American buys hardwood. That said, the poorer un educated Asians(majority) will believe the myth of rhino horn and as it is with alcohol, poor people FIND the money to buy it.”


Let us look a bit at the market for rhino horn and what is being said about, where that market is, and very importantly, what it is being used for.

Firstly it would seem the emerging market is NOT in China and NOT for use as an aphrodisiac. Several people have stated that this market is or rather was declining. The main emerging market happens to be in Vietnam, and again not for an aphrodisiac, but as a cure for cancer and as a new “cocaine.” This trend is spreading all over South East Asia. Now lots of good people are trying to break the old myth and curtail the new ones, via education. Along come the Pro Trade people and want to sell a worthless, medically and drug wise, product to these markets. Just by doing that they negate the fact that we, Westerners, are saying that rhino horn is worthless. They put it in the minds of the people, that if we are selling it, at an expensive price, it must be good. Then do NOT tell me that the people that have legal horn to trade will not do as any businessman would,  advertize and market their “product.” Sure as shit the aphrodisiac myth will be awakened, by unscrupulous Westerners and their Asian business partners.

So, One Man’s Opinion, please note OPINION, based on what I have researched speaking to both Pro and No Trade people and the owner of a rhino breeding farm is:

Some of the Pro Trade people have the best intentions for the rhino, but we all know the saying of good intentions leading to hell. Then in the Pro Trade we will have a nefarious bunch of people that care just about the huge amount of money they can make. We have Shebeens for illegal alcohol, we will have illegal traders and poachers to supply them. This is after all, South Africa. Pro Trade will sign the rhino’s death warrant if it has not been signed already.

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9 Responses to “Rhino Wars.. and Marketing”

  1. Ailsa Jean Loudon Says:

    Agree with you – NO TRADE!

  2. gloria sapp Says:

    good job I agree rhino were born with the horn,need the horn humans dont

  3. Gerald Thompson Says:

    You are so Wrong in so many aspects of your article. For rhino to survive it is vital that the current scenario where the dead rhino is worth more than a live rhino be flipped where market forces dictate that a live rhino is worth more. THIS is the single most important concept that most “conservationist” forget. Trying to prevent poaching in the current format has failed so perhaps it is time to think outside the box for a solution.

    It is necessary for this to be a multi-pronged approach and includes educating and PROVING to the end user that rhino horn has no curative effect on the many maladies it is supposed to cure. The current poachers (invariably poor tribesmen) must be included in the solution. When a person buys a high priced “medicine” he will believe in himself that it has “worked” and THAT is what needs to be targeted.

    It strikes me that you feel ALL conservationists are greedy money grubbers despite having put our lives at risk for the last 20 years for very little remuneration. Months are spent in the veld under all conditions protecting the rhino yet you tar everyone with the same brush. How would you feel if I branded you an ignorant bunny hugger?

    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      How “it srikes” you is nothing to do with me. I put it forward that the main advocates for pro trade aeem to be in it for the money. How you get to the conclution I brand ALL conservationists as money grabbers evades me completely.

  4. Gerald Thompson Says:

    So a blog that refuses to allow a response contrary to what they have to say – Do you believe in censorship? If everyones opinion was the same we would be in a very sad world.

    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      I have come to the conclution that you are a pretty opinionated person, with little knowledge of what you say. Now my blog does not allow people to have their say? Shit, read some of the other articles and see how I approved comments that climb in my character.

      • Gerald Thompson Says:

        No I apologise for that comment – When I returned to this blog my original reply was not visible so I did jump to the conclusion that you had not allowed it. For that I do apologise.
        With regards to not knowing – I’m a Zimbabwean and been involved with several Rhino conservancies assisting with the security of those operations for 30 years now. I will not be benefiting at all in fact if it is successful I will be losing a source of income

  5. Wayne Bisset Says:

    No problem, sometimes communication via cyber gets all messed up. Good on you for the things you have done and are doing. The animals, no, the whole worlds eco system needs all the help it can get.

  6. Zonnica van den Heever Says:

    Agree, no to selling rhino horn!

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