White Genocide in SA – De-humanization

scorp-section-eight-logoGenocide. It is about racism, and here in Africa tribalism comes into the picture too. It is NOT about black vs white and visa versa. Whites have wiped out whites and blacks have wiped out blacks, the Asian countries have a “good” record of mass killings of other Asian groups. Unfortunately people are making this killing of our farmers in South Africa a black vs white issue. The fact IS that it is black people killing mainly  but not exclusively white farmers, so the focus has to be on the people that are the main target. Combined with all the BEE and such, the plot to keep the white impoverished is also pretty clear. The Jews were first put into ghettos, then later taken to the camps. This was good planning on the part of the Nazis, it first de-humanized the Jews in the eyes of the general population and then also broke the will to resist in the Jew. Pot Pol did a similar thing with all the educated people in Cambodia. The fact that we have 100s of thousands of Afrikaaners living abject poverty in squatter camps is a RED FLAG of note.

So what to do? Firstly idiotic and cliché as it sounds we have to look at this calmly. Becoming a ranting racist and hating all blacks is down right stupid and VERY damaging to the situation. Fighting genocide by becoming a racist is like f*^king for virginity. You are going to have a lot of unwanted babies running around. Making the world aware, in a rational manner makes much more sense. And one of the most important things to do is to get those people in the squatter camps better living conditions, so that they have hope, and if/when we have to fight, they still have the spirit.

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White Genocide in South Africa


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One Response to “White Genocide in SA – De-humanization”

  1. ZT Says:

    In almost 96% of all murder cases on white people, especially on farms and smallholdings and 69% of house or suburb killings, extreme mutilation and torture was reported. Bibles are often left open on the victim’s corpses and urinated on. The victim’s blood is used to write warning messages on the walls and slogans like “KILL A BOER, KILL A FARMER or “WE WILL KILL ALL YOU WHITES” or “WE WILL BE BACK”. Never in South Africa in the last 19 years were any of these tactics used where black people killed black people. This pattern only exists in Genocide style attacks on white people.

    In the last 19 years there have only been 5 reported white on black hate murder cases in comparison with at least 18,590-documented hate murders on white people.

    In 71% of all of these murder cases it was the soul intent by the attackers to exterminate the whole family – husband, wife + kids – this pattern you don’t find amongst blacks killing blacks. Wives are raped & butchered while the husband & kids are forced to watch, kids are dragged off & brutally killed separately, a genocide procedure that was used by the Tutsi’s in the Burundi genocide….

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