Rhino Wars – …….?

Dead Rhino with JackelI am getting people asking why I have given up on the Rhino Wars, quite often these days. It is true that I left most of the pages devoted to “saving the rhino” and do not write any more blogs on the subject, but more than two years spend fighting to TRY and do something for the rhino is enough.

Firstly let me be blatantly honest; no-one fucking wants me!

Then from my side:

I have written all I have got to say on the subject, from a viable solution to the problem, to some rather nasty comments about the way the rhino warriors carry on. One of my first blogs, How to end the Rhino Poaching is still the post that gets the most hits on my One Man’s Opinion blog, with a least a few views everyday.  The numerous other posts on the plight of the rhino are also seen everyday or so all over the world; therefore my mission to bring the attention of the world to the problem was and still is successful. This is NOT “giving up”! That said, I leave it up to the pro-trading, anti-trade, pro-hunting, anti-hunting etc etc ad nuaseum people to continue to fight, not the poaching but amongst themselves.

“One mark of a great soldier is that he fights on his own terms or fights not at all.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

I cannot claim to be a great soldier but I do strive diligently to be a good one.


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