Murder, Rape and Mayhem in South Africa

Child cryingI am pretty certain that it an impossible idea, but I think, we the people, should be able to sue the, so-called Minister of safety and Security.

The reason is that no-one except the leading party’s politicians with their bevy of body guards is very safe.  Hell, if you are a player in the other party you are not safe either, Inkatha guys get ‘taken out’ fairly regularly.

The amount of murders, rapes and vicious crimes is appalling. We lose more civilians to violent crime than some countries at war lose soldiers. On the radio last  I heard some Minister saying how the crime rate has dropped dramatically. I do not believe him for one minute! In that same moth two of the three people that sit in the office with me were victims of crime; fortunately they were not at home at the time. I believe, as in the stats with rhino poaching the figures are played down dramatically, not reduced.

There is a South African man in Australia, for heaven’s sake, that tries to get accurate figures on the shocking killing of our farmers, we lose more farmers than rhino! I know Shaun as a very well respected soldier, he served in the South African army and is still involved with the Vets in Australia. He is NOT an alarmist or a conspiracy nut, the facts and figures he collects can be see on his page White Genocide in South Africa. If you are squeamish you will not be happy to read this page, but the world should know what is happening here.


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2 Responses to “Murder, Rape and Mayhem in South Africa”

  1. dell iver Says:

    Your White Genocide in South Africa link is unavailable

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