White Genocide – Rhino Wars and Elephant

ZumaI see post with photos of elephant and rhino the captions read “Stop the genocide.”

Genocide is thus defined. “Genocide is “the deliberate and systematic destruction of, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group”

So let us discuss real genocide.

A few years back I saw what was happening with the poaching of the rhino, sadly I also predicted that it was going to get far, far worse, I wish I had been wrong. At the time I was in contact with a recruiting agent in England, I was planning to go to either Afghanistan or Mogadishu. The lady called me a few times and we spoke about the rhino poaching, she was more aware of it than I. We decided I should stick about and try do something about it. But that is another story. Since then I have had a lot of my South African friends ask me how I can care and put so much effort into saving rhino while my people are getting systematically murdered on their farms. My reasoning was that there were people “on it”, and in order to be effective one cannot fight on too many fronts. There is much evil about, just in the wildlife field, we need to save a lot of species. I chose to try do something about the rhino. A fucking losing battle. While all this is going on I am watching the systematic killing of farmers, more farmers are getting killed than rhino. Time to adjust my sights and acquire a new target.

Until we stop the political corruption NOTHING we do can save the rhino.

 I base my thoughts that this is genocide and not mere crime related horror on many facts and will start a series of debates, if you will, on why I come to this conclusion.  The first glaring fact that people want me dead is that the President of my country, Zuma, has been filmed dancing around in endangered animals skins, singing “Kill the Boer.”

(A Boer is a white farmer but in the ANC rule it means all whites, men, women and children.)

I take exception to this blatant racism!


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2 Responses to “White Genocide – Rhino Wars and Elephant”

  1. Carol Says:

    I cannot help but agree with you Wayne. Sadly. Am totally with you in taking exception.

  2. ZT Says:

    Worse than blatant racism, it is incitement to genocide


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