White Genocide – Setting the Stage

Winnie_Mandela_4_534987bFirst we have to look at how it is possible in these post Holocaust days, for genocide to still take place. Unfortunately we have many examples to look to,  Bosnia, Rwanda,  Zimbabwe, and now a little more south. So far in all documented Genocide cases, the stage has always been well set, far before the real killing takes place.

Here is a layman’s take on the recipe for genocide.

1. First come into power, usually by violent means. (ANC – check)

2. Then get rid of “trouble makers” within your own ranks, usually by violent means. (ANC – check)

3. Make your own people above the law. (ANC – check)

4. Build a strong support system of immoral people, keep them safe and rich. (ANC – check)

5. Keep the general population poor and hungry. (ANC – check)

4. Use propaganda to blame everyone but your own party for the woes. (apartheid worked well for the ANC)

5. Focus the now angry, hungry and un happy masses on the desired target. (ANC – check)

6. Incite the masses to either kill or accept the killing of said target. (ANC – check)

South Africa, the Miracle Nation, from apartheid and war to the Rainbow Nation and with the now, iconic, Nelson Mandela at the helm.  What could go wrong? Things did not GO wrong, the foundation that the new South Africa was build on was sandy soil soaked in blood… from all parties involved. Since the National Party is out of the game, why waste time with discussing and pulling them apart, let us start with the recent history of the now ruling party that is blatantly advocating genocide from public platforms. I see no need to prove this point, it is well documented, just google Melama or Zuma and Kill the Boer if you please.

To attack Nelson would serve no purpose other than to stir a ridiculous never ending debate, but let us look at the first First Lady. Winnie Mandela. This is I believe the first sign of the Rule of Law breaking down in the Rainbow Nation. Winnie had a football club….  more like Murder Inc I think. The first get away with murder free was not a Boer but one of their (ANC) own heroes, which is very telling on its own.

James Seipei (1974–1989), also known as Stompie Moeketsi, was a teenage African National Congress (ANC) activist from Parys in South Africa. He and three other boys were kidnapped on 29 December 1988 by members of Winnie Mandela’s bodyguards, known as the Mandela United football club. Moeketsi was murdered on 1 January 1989, the only one of the boys to be killed.

Moeketsi was accused of being a police informer and murdered at the age of 14. His body was found on waste ground near Winnie Mandela’s house on 6 January 1989, and recovered by the police. His throat had been cut. Jerry Richardson, one of Winnie Mandela’s bodyguards, was convicted of the murder. He claimed that she had ordered him, with others, to abduct the four youths from Soweto, of whom Moeketsi was the youngest. The four were severely beaten.

In 1991, Winnie Mandela was convicted of kidnapping and being an accessory to assault, but her six-year jail sentence was reduced to a fine and a two-year suspended sentence on appeal.

This incident became a cause célèbre for the apartheid government and opponents of the ANC, and Winnie Mandela’s iconic status was dealt a heavy blow.

Appearing before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 1997, she said allegations that she was involved in at least 18 human rights abuses including eight murders were “ridiculous” and claimed that her main accuser, former comrade Katiza Cebekhulu, was a former mental patient and his allegations against her were hallucinations. The Commission found that the abduction had been carried out on Winnie Mandela’s instructions, and that she had initiated and partcipated in the assaults. However, with regard to the actual murder the Commission found Mandela only negligent.

Thus the stage is set by non other than the then wife of the most photographed man in the world at the time.  How did the ANC and indeed the world (yes you!) punish this woman. They made her President of the ANC Woman’s League for one.

The precedent for step 2 and 3 was set early in this foul game they play. It gets worse……


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11 Responses to “White Genocide – Setting the Stage”

  1. Carol Says:

    Spot on Wayne and thank you for educating the world of the ANC atrocities…

  2. Tim Burrows Says:

    right on! Why is the world blind ti this situation in S.a,?

  3. N Sander Says:

    I am agraid you have it all too horribly “spot on” Wayne. The anc have not deviated one iota from their well known plan on the domination and ultimate total control of South Africa. The pursuit of the Jews, Gypseys, Homosexuals, Mentally defecient under the Nazi regime of Germany has many similarities to what is going on in our own country. Eradication of bothersome minorities. The Jews in particular bear similarities to the Whites in SA….they too were accused of “stealing” all the wealth. This can only end very badly.

  4. ramanan50 Says:

    Will you send me some first hand information on this subject as well as some links?
    Thank you for visiting my site.

  5. ZT Says:

    The Second Transition proposal is a litmus test for loyalty. It is a mechanism for the identification of friends and foes by the ruling elite which controls access to power. Connected to this is a need for some of the players to have their “indiscretions” or unresolved “crimes” expunged. Zuma must make sure he stays in office to keep out of jail for his fraud and corruption case and the unresolved Arms Deal, Travelgate, Oilgate cases which just won’t go away, and now Nkandlagate, CARgate, Guptagate and counting… If the Zuma faction stays in power, it would make these irritations quietly disappear. The Second Transition is nothing but an agenda to gain or retain power, those who align themselves with the current political elite by showing support for the Second Transition, will be brought into the fold. Those who don’t will be discarded. Ask Juju.

  6. Christoffel Groenewald Says:

    For every Acton there is a reaction the wicked shall perish.

  7. Hendrik Says:

    What about her other crimes, off the top of my head I can think of diamond smuggling and the Saambou Bank fraud, as well as intigating necklacing

  8. cirrus11 Says:

    The Genocide Watch news conference in South Africa 2012 on the farm murders:

  9. Tim Burrows Says:

    When I hear of the atrocities now taking place in South Africa and try to point them out to people they actually call me a racist with a
    hatred in their hearts. I am a liar, an en slaver, a racist. these are some of the names that I can print.

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