Strange Classrooms breed wonderful Teachers

The BridgeWhen one enters a Strange Classroom and has an open mind, ones life will never be the same again. Many of the students eventually become teachers, one such person is Laurinda Wernars, and in the past couple of years she has taught me a lot. This is a short introduction to one of my strange, (in the best possible sense), teachers and where you can find her.

Laurinda wrote:

“Who would have thought when I went to a workshop 10 years ago to help my then partner I would end up helping the person that needed it most – me!
Who would have thought that when I walked out of another six months later from another one with the challenge of loving myself, I would not only get to do that but also find a format in which I can now give other people tools that will help them to do the same.
My home which was once my sanctuary, to which only a few select close friends were ever invited now opens it’s door to assist others on the same journey I’ve been on.
I’ve watched beautiful, young, seemingly confident young women, some highly educated, some struggling, young mothers, others older – looking for answers as to who they are now their children have grown and left home, to executives who seem to have it all, job, wife, children yet they have that gnawing doubt inside that they deserve what they have. They come through my front door and in the intimate space created over the weekend reveal what is behind the masks they wear for the world. By removing my masks and allowing them in, with sharing and openness and acceptance, regardless of race, age, colour, sexuality or position in life and I have watched them leave with grins on their faces, a spring in their step and hope bubbling inside them.
Who would’ve thought…..”

Thank you for writing that and all the good advise you have given me so far Laurinda.

More about Laurinda and her workshops can be found on the links below.


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One Response to “Strange Classrooms breed wonderful Teachers”

  1. Carol Says:

    Wise words indeed, we can all learn from her. I will never forget helping a child whose mother was an addict, he never had a childhood because he was always looking after her. I crossed his path and we connected and through him, I learnt to be a kid again. I so understand what she says here!

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