Sleep, Mundane Lies and Peace

Sleep, the best healer of all. If one listens one hears how many people claim that sleep eludes them; I say claim, because I have lived with some people that tell me they did not sleep a wink last night, but I saw them sleep the whole night through. It seems to be a bragging point with some people!  I don’t need much sleep, 4 hours of good deep sleep is enough, so while they are “not sleeping” I read. I call these falsehoods, mundane lies, one of my Strange Teachers taught me about those. Mundane lies are very harmful, not to the person that is being lied to but to the person that is telling and believing the lie. In the case of these, supposedly, sleepless people, even though they slept for a straight 7 hours, they feel tired. The brain is a complex thing, it can fool the body easily if you let it.

Now recovering alcoholics and addicts do not have to lie about not sleeping when they come off the drug of their choice. Firstly the drug induced sleep they are use to is no longer available and secondly their mind is so full of shit and will not shut up and let them sleep. The same Teacher taught me how to combat this problem, because even though I had done the best to clean house, making amends to the people I had hurt/harmed while drinking, my head still would not shut up. Before making the amends to people one has to do an inventory and find out who one has harmed, a hard process if done honestly and diligently, but well worth the effort. It gives one an immense feeling of peace when finished, but it can take years. That done and does become easier, but on many occasions the head will not shut up about all the new shit one causes. I learned this “trick” in my Strange Classrooms.

Every night, before I try to sleep I do an inventory of my day. See where I had not done what I should have done, who I spoke harshly too and any other things that I could have done better. Then I admit, to myself, that it is late at night and there is sweet bugger all that I can do about it right now. I promise myself that tomorrow I shall endeavored to do better, ask my Higher Power for forgiveness; and then forgive myself!

That done I tend to sleep like a baby.

Oh, if you do not TRY to do better the next day, you are fucked, by yet another mundane lie, to yourself and your God and sure as hell you will get less sleep than ever.

Just saying.

A compilation of my Strange Classrooms is soon to be released, please “Like” and  keep an eye on this page.


Here is a story of developing and breaking an addiction, while dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome at the same time.



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