Domestic Cats are killers

CatsDue to all the posts of the one animal I really do not like, a domestic cat, all over facebook by so called animal lovers, I thought I should point out that this is a paradox. You cannot be a true animal lover and still like, or even keep domestic cats. Period.

I have always dis-liked the animals, since I was small and watched my sisters cats kill anything that moved. This post is going to cause many people to be up in arms, but their ranting does not change facts. You can be a cat person or you can care about all wildlife; not both.


Cats are devastating to an environment. Cats kill millions of birds each year and even higher numbers in the small mammal population, including chipmunks, rabbits and squirrels . Because of their natural instinct, cats kill for the simple pleasure of hunting and killing. One study, several cats were presented with their favorite food and allowed to eat. While eating, a rodent was released in front of the cat. All cats in the study stopped eating, killed the rodent and then went back to their food, leaving the rodent uneaten. Several Studies have shown that the average free roaming cat can kill in excess of 2 birds, small reptiles and/or small mammals per day, which averages over 100 kills per year. When considered with the number of free roaming cats, the results are staggering. Were these kills simply “pests,” then no harm would be done. However, a large percentage of the kills are songbirds, including those on the endangered species list. In situations where a species is already struggling, the introduction of a predator like this could easily tip the balance toward extinction. A study done on cats that had bells affixed to their collars showed that there was no real difference in the number of birds that the cats caught. Of the birds who do manage to escape, the majority die.

American Bird Conservancy


The dead bird your cat might drop on the doorstep is just the beginning — domestic cats’ main prey is reptiles, like lizards, snakes and frogs, according to Dr. Sonia M. Hernandez, one of the study’s researchers.

Previous misconceptions that cats mostly prey on birds is wrong, she says, but likely due to the fact that birds are what cats drag home the most.

For their “Kitty Cams Project,” Hernandez and colleagues found that 41 percent percent of cats’ carnage is reptiles. Mammals make up 25 percent, insects and worms are 20 percent and birds consist of just 12 percent of the overall prey.

Kitty Cams Project


So while you see this cute, adorable, loving pet that you insist on pasting all over facebook, I see the face of a mass killer. This is how I have dealt with a problem before.

“We had a cat from the house behind us that use to come hassle the marmoset, and this bugged me for some time. One day a couple of my friends and I were sitting in the lounge, drinking, the marmoset was on the patio, just outside the French doors. We had a small courtyard with a white wall around it; one could see the path the cat always took by the mud smears on that wall and on the back wall where it jumped back into its own house. I must have been thinking about this subconsciously because on that day with no real thought, I stood up, swaying slightly as we had been drinking all day, and shouted at the cat on the patio. I had also taken out my .357. The cat took its normal route home and as it jumped the second wall, I fire one shot. This caused my drunken mates to jump, the women to complain and cry and my girlfriend to throw a fit. Once everything had settled down, and we could continue drinking as normal civilised human beans, my mates all started saying I had missed. To this I had only one comment – “One shot, one kill.” A few days, a week, later the gardener from the cat’s house was on the garage roof, just above and behind the second walls cat marks, with a hosepipe and a yard broom. The smell was very bad, Charmaine asked him what was up there and he replied, “Nie Misus, ‘n dooie kat.” (No Madam, a dead cat.”) What can I say, that .357 is accurate and throws a mean punch.”



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4 Responses to “Domestic Cats are killers”

  1. Garrick Says:

    Cats are the most efficient killers on the planet. That is no joke! We also have an irritating black cat that persists in coming into our house… and sadly, no .357.

  2. Edward the Longshanks Says:

    Drunken man firing off a shot in a suburban area and you have the gall to make a comment on the behaviour of cats? You are indeed worthless and it takes no imagination to see that. What if instead of the cat you hit your neigbour? You wouldn’t be able to spread your vitriol from prison. May you get what you deserve.

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