The Rhino Wars – Tattoo you too?


SkintradeIt would seem that the rhino gets more support amongst people that are often judged as the mis-fits of society, than the well respected and well off people. Salute! SKINTRADE TATTOOS

Well done, for not just talking but DOING something.

I must make a plan to get one of these done!




After the launch of their ‘mark the rhino’ campaign in December, Skintrade Tattoos, aims to set a world record by summiting Mt Kilimanjaro and doing a rhino tattoos at the top – the highest altitude that a tattoo has ever been done at.

The mark the rhino tattoo will be done using modified tattoo equipment made to run off battery packs.

The tattoo parlour says it will be following it up with the lowest altitude tattoo ever done by going down a South African gold mine and applying a rhino tattoo there as well.  

The Mark of the Rhino is a tattoo of six or eight square centimetres, a silhouetted, tribal style tattoo of a rhino, designed to represent the black, white and even Sumatran rhino, and a unique code beneath it in roman numerals.

The code will be individualised for each and every donor’s tattoo.

Along with the tattoo, they will also receive a certificate with their name which will also be placed on the website next to their individual number. Their own names, company names, or a pseudonym can be used. Companies can also buy multiple ‘marks’ and give them out to suppliers, staff members or customers.

The mark will cost donors R900 and take around 10 to 15 minutes to get done and will have a lifetime guarantee.

See full article Times Live


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One Response to “The Rhino Wars – Tattoo you too?”

  1. Aurora Says:

    Det här vart absolut vad jag sökte efter! Har sökt länge men nu fann jag äntligen, tack!

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