Not so Proudly South African

scorp-section-eight-logoThe Rhodesians were fortunate in one way, when their country was taken over and made into a “free democracy”. The new leaders changed the name of their country to Zimbabwe, there by giving all decent Rhodesians the right to remain, proudly Rhodesian. I wish this bunch of criminals that took over my country had changed the name to Anzania, or what ever the hell they wanted to call it, then I too could have remained, proudly South African.

Now I know that some are going to jump in and shout that if I hate the country so much and am so terribly ashamed of it I should leave. This is not possible, for I do not hate the country, nor all the people that live in it, I love my African bush, and will NOT leave. What I hate is the collective consciousness or collective conscience, that the former terrorist, yes terrorist, government has installed in the people. Viva ANC!  With the best democratic constitution in the world, you managed to ruin it.

To list all the corruption, murder, genocide and other crimes; direct and by negligence would take all day as it covers the whole fabric of  this societies make up.

But this is not a recent thing, here are some statistics that are two years old already.

Sex offender

Update 04/02/14

Some national statistics that will shock you

1) Highest crime rate in the world

2) Highest electricity price in the world

3) 3rd highest food prices in the world

4) Highest unemployment in Africa.

5) Most expensive cellular rates in the world

6) Highest number of rapes in the world

7) 4th highest murder rate in the world

8) Country with the most public protests in the world (2013)

9) Highest number of AIDS in the world

10) President (leader) with the lowest education (grade5)

11) 5th lowest GPD in the world out of 176 countries

12) Highest GINI in the world (inequality)

13) Highest depreciating currency in the world 2013

14) Largest infrastructure project in the world. (Medupi)

15) Highest number of Hijackings in the world

16) Highest number of infant murders in the world

17) Highest elderly (over 65) rapes in the world

18) Voted worst education system in the world 2013

19) Most expensive presidential home in the world
20) Highest teenage pregnancies in the world

(Stats Provided by 3rd Degree)

I for one am not proud to be part of this not so “New South Africa”, there is no honour here.

An example of how the ANC protects its little citizens, the future of this land.

SA is failing its Children.

A compilation of my Strange Classrooms is soon to be released, please “Like” and  keep an eye on this page.


Here is a story of developing and breaking an addiction, while dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome at the same time.


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One Response to “Not so Proudly South African”

  1. Carol Says:

    Thank you Wayne for expressing what I feel so completely. I am so angry at the so called government that “rules” the country, they are no better than a bunch of thieves. There are many good black people out there, many of whom I am friends with and I know a good lot of black teenagers who really would like to see a better South Africa. There is no respect left in this country, no pride. What on earth do our children have to look forward to? A bleak horizon, bare lands, scavenged by the scavengers. I am one very disappointed South African and like you, its impossible for me to leave but also would never want to. I was born here, this is my home as much as every other South African who was born here, black, white or colored. It is time for us to unite against such brutalities. I live on a small holding and slowly buy surely the dark is spreading. In a short space of time, 3 farm attacks close to me. I personally thank God/Lord, the He never gave me the honor of having children but it does not mean that I must not fight for children that I know. This, is war.

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