Sheep kill Rhino!

Dead Rhino with JackelThe sheep mentality is at its best at the end of the year. This year we had a boost with the Maya (there is no such thing as a Mayan apparently) doomsday shit. Weeks before Christmas every second post on facebook, that powerful medium, was about December 12, 20 whenever. Then it was just posts about Christmas, followed by the New Year crap.

My initial irritation was that I think these people should at least think about something else, have some sort of personal interests. They bore the hell out of me.

On further contemplation I see that sub-consciously something else has been worrying me. It relates to my own personal mission to try and help the rhino. For more than two years most of the activists, armchair and otherwise, have held two thoughts and blasted them all over facebook, if the are the armchair variety and outside Embassies if not.

The first is that it is China that is the major problem with the poaching in Africa. At first I tried to correct this misconception, I gave up, stupid remains stupid. I was very glad when “Killing for Profit” was released, as I believed a famous person would have better luck in pointing the unwashed masses in the right direction. Just today I had a look through the pages on facebook. No. The Sheep are still screaming China! With the court cases on of the poaches heavily in the news, do they notice that of the foreign nationals that have been caught there seems to be a distinct lack of Chinese? Seems not.

The second is a bit more subtle; so there is no hope in hell all these unwashed Sheep will get the point. Although I must admit that the use of medicinal is better that aphrodisiac but believe it is used out of polite (verkrampt) attitude rather than understanding. The foreign nationals that are using the horn the most at present do not use it for a better sex life. Again in his book Julian Rademeyer points this out.  He even reports that the “new” Orientals believe the aphrodisiac is White man’s bullshit. They too are confused, that is old Chinese bullshit.

One cannot win a war without engaging the main force. The sheep keep attacking the junior partner and a misconception.

Ah what the hell…..  go do some research, I am not going to waste my time writing it down, most that read will not comprehend and just go on being, well,… sheep.

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