Of Bikes, Pallet Trucks and Rhinos

RhinoWhat the hell have these things got in common?  Nothing. It is just that I happen to be involved with all three. Because no one seems to want to give me a job in the rhino anti-poaching, or any of my military friends for that matter, I am doing some work for my friend, Geoff Hedges. He has two companies; the one fixes Enduro Bikes and the other Pallet Trucks. My passion is for wildlife and the bush and I knew nothing of Pallet Trucks, so one of the guys spend a month teaching me about them, their maintenance and how to look after them. I also spent time watching Geoff strip bikes to the bone and repair them. I would not say I know much more about bikes now but Pallet Trucks are pretty simple creatures and I know quite a bit about them. His bike company is D & G Racing and the other is Liftmaster

Now my job is to do some marketing for both items. If you read my very first blogs a few years back you will remember I was fascinated by this new thing called Social Media Marketing. So with my usual intensity I studied this, I found that facebook was going to be the biggest and best site to work with. Hated and still do hate Twitter. So I concentrated on facebook. Since then a lot has happened and I found out last year facebook is a double edged sword. In the Rhino Groups and pages there was so much in-fighting and skelms collecting money for themselves, pretending it was to save the rhino, that they have caused more harm than good. A lot of people, from all over the world, read all the fighting etc and just gave up on the rhino cause. They joined some other cause that they felt would at least DO something. My one friend summed it up, he said he would rather give money to the Hedgehog Society, than throw his money away on the rhino activists.

For the last year, other than writing about the poaching problem and making people aware, I feel I have accomplished nothing. Maybe I should have joined up with a PMC like I intended before I got into the Rhino Wars.  Maybe I should just put my energy into my friends business? Hell, I know I cannot walk away from the plight of the rhino and elephant, I am just bitching a bit.


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