A Summery of the Rhino Wars 2012

scorp-section-eight-logoThere are hundreds of pages and groups on facebook that are dedicated to saving our rhino population. Combined around the world there are thousands and thousands of people that belong to the groups. Of these people we have a small majority that is either there for their own financial gain or to fulfill some empty space in their lives, and are ego driven. Then we the majority of people that are there because the genuinely want to do something for our wildlife.

The first group is as evil as the poaching kingpins. The second group I sincerely hope that they do find the satisfaction and soul food they need. These seem to be the argumentative people; I hope they will seek self-satisfaction elsewhere.

The last lot? Like me, you have failed most miserably. The statistics bear me out. In order to make a difference you have to conclude that something else must be done; if you carry on in the New Year just as you have done in this sorry year, the rhino will be extinct in a short time. True insanity is pushing the same buttons and expecting different results. I have no clear answer of what you should do, you will have to decide for yourself. I just know that I am thinking long and hard on what I will be doing next year, ……


Same shit, just added a new argument to distract people from the real problem. Pro Trade vs No Trade.

And the rhino die.

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