The Hawks and wanton destruction

Me and Thai girl

As stated, after the raid by the Hawks, it took the cleaning lady the whole of Saturday to clean up the mess. The raid was on the 30th of November; the maintenance man is still fixing the place. Now I believe the police have a job to do especially in this crime filled country of mine. Two things though, why not concentrate on the violent  crimes? More farmers have been murdered than rhino killed this year, with very little convictions. Second the police have a very bad image and as with what I wrote in the article, Rhino Wars – Hearts and Minds, a little public relations will go a long way to help prevent crime.

I do understand that prostitution is illegal, but surly the wanton destruction of property is too. Most of the smashed doors were unlocked and the keys to ALL the doors were in plain view. The buzzer for the electric door is in plain site and why they smashed the windows and frames I have no idea.

Then my friend’s wife has being sitting in jail the whole time, bail was refused on the grounds that the case was still under investigation in the first hearing. In the second hearing the prosecutor claims that the lady does not have any papers and is a foreign national, so will be held. Now my friend is very much unlike me when it comes to paperwork, he keeps his papers in good order. His wife had her work permit, marriage certificate and other papers in the safe. As you see from the photograph the safe was opened. Volunteering. The papers were taken by the Hawks and “disappeared.”

At the court the ladies receive no food or anything to drink, my friend has to buy that for them.

Why am I diverting from my normal blogs on Rhino? Because what is wrong, is wrong, uniform or not. It also reminds me of the fact that when my mother died, 25 years ago, her wedding ring and rather large diamond engagement ring were also stolen, she was married only three weeks at the time of her death, so was definitely wearing them. The police blamed the paramedics and the paramedics blamed the police. I am still pissed off about that.


Nosce te ipsum

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