From Rhino Wars to Hemiplegia


10407925_10152670759232240_80199417395681690(2)WTF!? You may be thinking. How on earth does one jump from rhino poaching blogs to one on Hemiplegia. It is not too hard I will try to explain. Firstly let me tell you what it is. I had no idea until I asked, just last night.

Hemiplegia /he.mə.pliː.dʒiə/ is total paralysis of the arm, leg, and trunk on the same side of the body. Hemiplegia is more severe than hemiparesis, wherein one half of the body has less marked weakness. Hemiplegia and Hemiparesis may be congenital, or they might be acquired conditions resulting from an illness, an injury, or a stroke.

The jump comes because people that have suffered usually have more empathy, than the average person in the unwashed masses does. The have empathy for all things that suffer including the rhino. I happened to meet one such person in a group on facebook last night and we got chatting. This lady has had more than her fair share of suffering but people make it worse by their prejudges and ignorance. Why, oh why do so many people treat persons with a physical disability as if they are stupid??? The pain they cause is very different from the physical pain; and nothing if not worse. The person I was chatting to summed it up in one of her comments.

“So that’s part of my mission – to try and make it a ‘household’ name like paraplegic and quadriplegic. I only have memory loss for about a month and a half before and after the accident. Other than that, my memory is uncanny. I also have neuropathy (over sensitivity on my damaged right side. The only other ‘pain’ is how some people
(mis)treat me.”


That statement is enough to break my heart. The next in reply to my saying that being hard of hearing and I also get seen as stupid, did break my heart.

“Exactly! I speak a bit funny (dysarthia) due to my tongue and mouth muscles being uncoordinated and thus outta sync; my eyes are also a little off centre and I have Tinnitus in my right ear. All and all they are a horrid trio and do not help to make me look ‘smart’. Hehe..”


So this post is a salute to the young ladies bravery and humour, and in my own small way , to try to make the word better known and people more aware of the pain they may inadvertently be causing. Hemiplegia, remember it and please pass this article along.

Wayne Bisset.

Nosce te ipsum

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