Hawks and Prostitutes

AngelThe story continues.

I am watching these proceedings like a hawk myself, pun intended. My interest is in how effective our elite police handle a case. As everyone knows, I am pretty fixated about the Rhino Poaching problem and as the Hawks are our frontline defense and offence for the rhino, I am interested in their effectiveness. So far the prognosis is bad, no wonder we have lost more than 600 rhino this year alone.

The raid so far has netted a couple of Thai women, that have visas I believe, and one Chinese woman that is married to a South African. The Thai women has been kept in the cell of the local police station and the Chinese lady is in the notorious jail, Sun City. The owner of the building is on the loose and trying to get his wife out of the prison. I am watching the undercover Hawks watching the building for his return. Ludicrous waste of time, manpower and vehicles, not to mention they are not very good as spies. Levi and the woodcarvers, the shabeen and everyone else in the street knows they are here.

I am told that the Hawks did not even appear at the court case yesterday, but instead had a letter delivered. They need a further 7 days to investigate the case. What? They come in, smash up a place and do not have any evidence of why they did this in the first place? So people are confined on, what? Hearsay? A ‘gut feeling”?

Now why is it that as you see in my post; Rhino Wars – the ranting of the enemy within, followed by the page; 96 unanswered questions for Selomie Maritz of Palala Rhino Sanctuary, the public has done investigations of their own, reported something smells fishy, put it out on the internet, and nothing gets done. Friends of mine have screenshots of where she is asking for people to take my life, which is a pretty serious offence and nothing gets done about that either. Why? We have to ask who benefits the most from allowing the poaching to continue.

My personal opinion of sex workers, if that is what they are, is that they are not raping my country of either its wildlife or its mineral wealth, so leave them to it and use the manpower wasted here to save the rhino…… But if this is the level of professionalism from government agencies, my original thoughts are the same as I wrote in; How to end the rhino poaching, way back when. Cry havoc and let loose the dog of war. The poachers are also most likely watching the authorities and private APU’s watching for them. Eish!

Just one man’s opinion.  I know what some people will think, may even comment. “Can you do better?” Perhaps, perhaps not, but I sure know a lot of men that can and will, given the opportunity.

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One Response to “Hawks and Prostitutes”

  1. Rudy Says:

    I agree with you . The poachers and crime lords out smart the Hawks

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