Rhino Wars – Inordinate desires


Ok, so I am like a bulldog, get an idea/thought or what ever and I just won’t let go. From the first day I started looking into this rhino poaching problem I believed that the “middlemen” are the main concern, cut them out and it will make a huge difference. Shooting the poachers that are actively on the ground and they will just be replaced, there are thousands of men in Southern Africa that can, and will, do the job for very little pay. Re-educated billions of Orientals? Yeah right, in your dreams; even if this were possible by the time they are “re-educated” every single last rhino will be dead.


The middleman is my primary target and working on the philosophy of “know thy enemy” I have tried to work out what motivates these men. It is baffling, the “Groenewalts” are already rich men, they do not need the money, some are powerful men, they need not the ego boost. So what the hell drives them?


My conclusion can only be greed and Milton’s work I find my answer. In John Milton’s Paradise Lost, there is a point where Satan, thinking through how he is going to tempt Adam and Eve to fall, comes up with this plan, “I will excite their minds with vain hopes, vain aims, inordinate desires…”. For Satan, this plan is hatched from his own recollection of the fact that, “lifted up so high I thought one step higher would set me highest….”


Inordinate desires…..


Therefore there is no “cure” for the middlemen in these Rhino Wars, just have to catch them or kill them.


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One Response to “Rhino Wars – Inordinate desires”

  1. Hamina Kang Says:

    Like your thoughts . I guess one has to get right to work .

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