Rhino Wars – The Losing Battle

17 years ago I started writing The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief, thinking that the times that I had just being through would be the adventures of my life time. That made Chronicles I & II. Then I saw some other strange stuff and wrote about that, bringing the Chronicles up to IV. Again thinking, “Well that is enough, more than enough, excitement for one lifetime.” THEN: About 2 years ago I got interested in the rhino poaching story, and wrote a blog on my thoughts of How to end the Rhino Poaching on the 10th of February 2011. Did that kick off a mission of note?

By God! This lead to some things that made some of my previous experiences pale by comparison. I have written one short piece for the Chronicles about it so far and have another 4 chapters or so in my head. I tell anyone that cares, or does not for that matter, how I have never, in all my wanderings and adventures, met such a bunch of insidious, lying, greedy, nasty bastards as I have amongst …. the people that claim to be trying to save the rhino!

I cannot, for various reasons, chronicle all I have seen right now. Less so what I am trying to do about the slaughter of the rhino right now, for obvious reasons. In a year or two, if I survive, I shall have a very interesting few Chronicles on the whole Rhino Wars issue.

Right now I am keeping body and soul together working for a friend of mine in a field way out of my sphere of interest, Pallet Trucks, sales and repairs, at LiftMaster; as well as repairs to off road bikes, at D & G Racing. But with my friends knowlege and connections I know just what off road bike will be best for a motorized APU! As you see my heart remains in the bush.



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