I saw a ghost…

Something woke me up, it was not a noise because the inner city was so full of noise one just ignores them all.  Have no idea of what time it was, because it was never completely dark in my sleeping quarters, the lights from the other buildings causing a constantly pre-dawn type of glow. I should have being alone.


She was standing at the filing cabinet, with her back to me. She was rather short and had medium length, curly red hair. She was wearing a green dress with a teardrop type pattern on.  I watched to see what she was doing. She stood in one place, took a file out and replaced it; I could hear the click of the file being put down each time. She did this over and over and over…. I lay and watched for what seemed an age. Then a shadow seemed to move toward her, hands and forearms, disproportionally in size, too large compared to her.


The hands held something between them, a rope, a thick piece of wire? They were shadows so I could not tell. The hands move quickly towards her. She did not break the monotony of her filing. The hands seemed to throw the rope over her head, the rope/wire about her neck, she did not notice. Suddenly, with great speed the hands reversed and flew backward until they were out of my sight.


I grew bored with watching the endless filing and called out to her, “Hey!” There was not reaction. I decided to take a photograph, got up and found my camera. I did not expect to capture her on film, and I did not, I have a fine photograph of an open filing cabinet…. I continued to watch her for some time, then closed my eyes, when I looked again she was gone.


The next morning I went to see what the file she was so busy with, contained. It is full of newspaper clippings from 2005/6 on the events and openings of the Art Galley my friend owned at the time.


I waited for the next two nights for this lady to return but she did not.


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