Rhino Wars…. and false colours…

I care not for your rhyme or your reason; if you fly under false colours you are my enemy.

In my, so far colourful life, I have met many people of many different persuasions and beliefs and I am willing to accommodate them all, as long as the do not lie to me or pretend to be something that they are not. In all the years of my life and all the places I have been, I have never met such lying, nefarious people as I have in the Rhino Wars. A small, small percentage among the absolutely beautiful caring people that mean only well. I can only conclude that, like sharks that smell blood, these bad people sense the innate goodness, which seems to equate with these people that care about rhino, and then they hone in for the kill. Beware, beware nefarious people, for among this crowd, are not one, but many; that have played in your world too, but choose a different path now.  So they are in their hearts kind and gentle, but YOU taught them how to be hard and dangerous.

I write this because today I found out, from someone that is mainly shunned by the good people, for the wrong reasons, another member of their own is not what he seems. He may not be with the poachers, but he most definitely is not with and for the rhino. He has another master one I know well and fight with reasonable success.

Just an open note to…. You know who you are… clean up your act; or I shall come at you as I did Selomie and Palala, polite warning. This seems to be my mission.

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4 Responses to “Rhino Wars…. and false colours…”

  1. michael b Says:

    you need to start openly naming the enemy. an enemy without a name holds the upper ground. draw them out by name so that they can fight the fight out in the open. everyone deserves to know who you are up against. your name is out there on the “battle field” so why not theirs? name your enemy or continue to fight ultimately by yourself. you need allies in your corner and allies need to know who they are up against. if your case is not strong enough to name them then they are not good enough to be considered a threat.

  2. gloria Says:

    name them asap so the rest of us know

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