A Break from my Rhino Wars – Johannesburg Inner City

Inner City Church

Johannesburg, Johannesburg. This place fits my personality well, from one extreme to the other. Going from a secluded Hut in the middle of the bush to a huge city is a shock to the system, the first thing is the hi-ways, man I was a nervous wreck within seconds! Then staying in Downtown JHB is an education, a strange classroom, from abject misery to Fine Arts in the space of two blocks. Last week I went with Gordon to Arts on Main, visited a few galleries and then the Flea Market. All the big names in the South African art world have workshops here,  they even have small apartments with a galley attached for overseas artist to stay and show their work. I enjoyed meeting David Kurt and checking out his printing machinery, having worked in the printing business in my youth; and because of his link with my friend Diane Victor.  The creativity of the people in this city is astounding, not only the creativity that is in the goods on display, but the vision of the people that made this space possible. And in Downtown JHB? I love it.

This morning I took a stroll, feeling adventurous, again the contrast is amazing, from gutted out building to new little take away shops, literally right next to one another. I wish I could take my camera and capture these images but that would be a suicide mission. Perhaps this afternoon? :}

If the degeneration could spread like a cancer and ruin the city I see now how the opposite can be true, slowly slowly I see this city coming alive again. I love that too.

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One Response to “A Break from my Rhino Wars – Johannesburg Inner City”

  1. Jennie Upton Says:

    Excellent Wayne…to see the birth of regeneration, hope and positivity….from ‘the wilds of the land’ to the ‘jungles of down-town Johannesburg’. Worlds apart but together. With the wealth of talent in South Africa…it should be, and could be, potentially a hugely successful country

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