Rhino Wars – Forward movement!

Friday, maybe sooner, I leave for the bush. It will be a rough camp to begin with, and as it is between two mountains, communications will only be established if, firstly I walk up to the Lodge or house and then only a phone for the time being. I need to get an MTN internet connection in order to get on the net so I can continue to stay in contact with my British and American friends; as well as all you old soldiers, that and a vehicle will be my priorities. I shall miss my facebook friends and writing about the Rhino Wars, but I am sure you guys will keep the campaign for awareness up and I will join you as soon as I can. The place I shall be is the Palala Rhino Sanctuary and you can contact them if you would like to get hold of me. I shall take photos and keep notes and when possible give updates. Again I thank you for your help and support thus far.

Apart from setting up the camp I shall be rather busy, patrolling, learning the area from the Ranger and setting up observation post. Then meeting my neighbors in order to expand the area of operation. Small beginning but as they say, “A journey of a thousand miles…….”

PS No TV or radio post me books to read at night! Ha ha.


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6 Responses to “Rhino Wars – Forward movement!”

  1. Tracy Blignault Says:

    Great news! Start a dead poacher count, will you……

  2. Cary Says:

    At last – stay safe Wayne, we salute you in your efforts! Keep away from the snakes lol

  3. Marche Poole Says:

    … what a great follow-up Wayne! Thanks for that! NOW let’s get those poachers poached!!!!! It was an honour to have met you my friend and will hopefully see you on my next visit to Palala! X Marche (blondie) LOL!

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