Rhino Wars – a Thank You note

It has been an interesting few months. I was sitting in Muizenberg when I decided that this poaching problem had to be addressed. As I had no real income I had to rely on the kindness and charity of others. I have not the words to thank the people that helped me get thus far, enough. It was a rocky road and at times I thought I would never get into the bush. I made some huge mistakes and at times trusted the wrong people. However there have been the people that supported me from day one and are still here. Salute. An old school friend sent me some seed money that kick started this mission, thank you Jenny.


From Muizenberg I moved to Blaauberg staying with a man that I had never met before, soldiers network, thank you Ian. Here my lifelong friend gave me funds so I could eat and buy cigarettes, old soldier and Game guide. Thank you Mark.

I was told that I could get a job and set up a unit at the Rhino and Lion Park just outside Johannesburg. I needed to get there and a lady bought me a ticket to fly up, thank you Shirley. But when I got there I did not go to the Park as I thought! I was dropped off at another man’s house in Benoni, old soldier network; here I stayed for some time. Thank you Wayne.


At this time I found out that the guy that was doing, or so  I thought, all the paper work and setting up of the Section 21 company, was not 100% honest with us. The whole idea collapsed. In these dark moments my British connection kept the idea and momentum up, plus made sure I had funds in order to feed myself.  Thank you!!  Another old soldier also sent me some funds, thank you Kobus.


All the while my British connection was looking for an opening where we could start something to save the Rhino. I moved to Valhalla and was put up by yet another old soldier. Thank you Nicky. Then my British connection made contact with a lady that runs a Rhino Sanctuary, I had been in contact with her before but somehow we did not connect. My British connection, all those miles away facilitated a meeting. And so now we are here, my original idea was to do something Nationally, I see now it shall work much better if we start in one area and have a long term plan to expand once we have something set up and running. Just happens that the area is Dawie Groenewalts backyard……


Not all the people that have helped are mentioned here, but I am grateful for the help that has gotten me this far, I shall endeavor to do my best to set up something, on the ground, that WILL make a difference in these Rhino Wars, one step at a time.

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4 Responses to “Rhino Wars – a Thank You note”

  1. Tracy Blignault Says:

    Awesome! Great to hear. Don’t give up :))

  2. Marius Carelse Says:

    Hi Wayne! We spoke on FB. If you have an email address we can keep in touch. You are doing great work my brother and I need to see where I can assist as this is also my dream to protect my heritage!

    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      Hello. I shall be without comms for a while until I can get an MTN modum/thingy, as they are the only server in the area. But my address is wvbisset@gmail.com. On my friends list is a British lady Jennifer Upton. She can contact me and also let you know how you can help. Thanks Mate.

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