Rhino Wars – we are losing..

In South Africa we have lost, as I write this, 348 Rhino, but by the time you read this the figure will more than likely be higher.


There was a small spot of bother in a country called Vietnam a good few years back. During that time a terrible thing called Napalm was used, as well as a poison called Agent Orange. Then too, a tactic called carpet-bombing was tried out. More bombs were dropped on North Vietnam than were dropped during the entire 2nd World War! The Rhino survived this apocalypse. This year it was reported by the World Wildlife Fund that those Rhino are no more. The Vietnam Rhino was poached to extinction.

The IFP wants to hold yet another summit, talk, talk. One of the plans that has come up before was to move certain of the Rhino to “safer” areas. This plan really perplexed me. Forgive this ignorant Gypsy for asking but: The poachers have proven to be a highly mobile force that has taken Rhino right next to an APU’s HQ, for one thing. Also, with all the publicity of this project, did we not just tell the poachers bosses exactly where to find a nice concentration of these animals? WTF?
We have at our disposal here in South Africa, some of the best bush soldiers in the world. Many are looking for work. Why are we not using this resource? I ask you with bloody tears in my eyes.

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6 Responses to “Rhino Wars – we are losing..”

  1. Michael b da silva Says:

    Dont mean to burst the bubble. We arent losing the war. We have lost due to fumbling, bumbling and a fraudulent approach to fighting anti poaching. Everyone seems to be in it to win it primarily for their own pockets. I have all but given up hope.

    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      That is a f-ing SHIT attitude Michael!! More people like you and we DO lose all the Rhino. Meanwhile as long as there is an animal alive WE MUST FIGHT, not f-ing give up.
      I was informed that you write better than I Mike, but I see very few post on your blog about saving the Rhino?

  2. Michael b da silva Says:

    Wayne. Writing dont mean diddeley if nobody is reading. Everyone is outraged and horrified but have an iron grip on their purse strings. Saving these animals and making a real difference will take money. That is just the way it is! Getting bent out of shape and hateful wont help the rhino or cockroach for that matter. People must put their money where their mouths are and get away from online outrage. 90 % of those that are outraged have not spent a day in the field with wildlife or actually been to a game farm. Wayne we are a dying breed and we are being killed by complacency and the tourist type approach. You can get all unhappy with what i say but how many “worried”, “connected” people have stepped up and really done anything?? This is why i say what i say. We have lost because we( south africans in general) cannot organise a piss up in a brewery. No one wants to be stuck with the bill in this country. They want everything for free.! Wayne, take what i say as you will but just remember what has transpired in the last 3 months! In conclusion. What will be will be and without bucks, we wont get buck rogers.

  3. Carina Says:

    In some cases we are winning the war, in others, we are losing. I’ve seen reserves who go the extra mile to protect their rhinos. In that sense, we are winning. Unfortunately not everyone does that. But we should not label poachers as dumb or stupid. And putting all the rhinos in one place is definitely not a bright idea unless we literally have SANDF to protect them. My point of view

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