Public Transport, an Adventure

Outside Pretoria Station

Friday morning. The plan is to catch a Minibus Taxi to Kempton Park and from there get the Guatrain (Mono rail) to Pretoria in order to spend some time with my complicated girl. My mates walk with me to the taxi rank; once they leave I am the only white face about. The Minibus Taxi is the cheapest way to travel in South Africa but can be dangerous, one because of my white skin, apartheid is alive and well, a lot of black people would just as soon see me dead, as well as the ranks are a haven for criminals. Two, the amount of people that die on our roads, about 10 000 a year, and a lot of them die in the Minibus Taxis. The trust inside the Minibus is wonderful to see. Everyone just hands money to the person in front of them to pass forward to the driver. He sorts out the change and it all just gets handed back. How they know who gets what I am sure I do not know.

Never mind, I make it to Kempton Park, only to find that my information is incorrect, there is no station for the Gautrain here, only the normal Metro Rail. I decide to just take that. Again, one white face in a sea of black. Ag, I had one whole Ju-jutsu lesson this week, I can handle it! :} The Minibus cost R7.00 now the Metro will be R7.50, considering the Gautrain was going to cost me R59.00, I buy some cigarettes with the savings. Relief!

The entertainment on the train is amazing. The first lot of entertainers is a group of Zulu boys, all dressed in animal skins. They do their dance and then collect donations. Next is a blind man that sings Christian songs. All the while vendors are moving through the carriages selling cheap snacks, magazines and even pens. I note that not one is selling soft drinks.  I noticed this both at the taxi ranks and the station as well.

Zulu Dancers

Pretoria station. There is a demonstration going on. These things have a habit of getting violent quickly so rather than try find a taxi to Brooklyn I decide vacate the area and leg the 20km to my final destination. I have to cross through Sunnyside, again not a good place for a white man. I transverse this no man’s land without incident, the only white faces are in the cars that speed passed. Once in Brooklyn the scene changes and the faces are predominately white. I wait for my complicated girl to finish work at a small café. The day has been interesting thus far.


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3 Responses to “Public Transport, an Adventure”

  1. Marc Says:

    Howzabout you remove your details from my mygenius account that you hacked?

  2. One Man's Opinion Blog Says:

    […] of the job. She then phoned and asked me to come stay with her until I had to leave. I did my public transport thing and we had a wonderful weekend […]

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