Rhino Wars — Private Military Company vs Anti-Poaching

scorp-section-eight-logoTook some time to think about which direction I should take in my life. I hate the business world , cities and suburbia; working in the bush, where I belong, was my final decision. But what to do? I am willing to do any job on a game farm, toilet janitor even! I sent out CV’s to over 600 places, received less than 15 replies, all negative, two maybe. Mmmm. All the known anti-poaching units, I know how to do this job. I offered my services for just board and lodging. All negative, indeed it would seem that they do not want men that can do the job?


Next I contacted the private military companies. Now here the response is better. Due to the fact that I worked for the first modern PMC ever, Executive Outcomes, not my winning personality. The pay is astronomical. Afghanistan work is the highest paying at $650.00 a day!!!

Then a a lady that runs a recruitment agency in the UK told me I should look into the poaching in my own country. She said she could send me to Mogadishu or send me a small allowance to find or start an APU here.

My head tells me to go for the money, I am tired of been broke. Modern society has tried to condition me to think it all about the money. To no avail, I might add. More important my heart tells me that the anti-poaching is what I must do. So despite obstacles this is what I SHALL do.

What also surprises me is all these units do not seem to communicate with each other. They are fighting the same war but separately. ?? Ego and money. Meanwhile the animals die.  This mission to get into the anti-poaching is going to be harder than I thought……….. a mine field of problems.


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24 Responses to “Rhino Wars — Private Military Company vs Anti-Poaching”

  1. Marius Botha Says:

    Just spoke to a member of stock theft unit. asked him about availability of work in our area. he does not know of any vacancies at this time, but undertook to keep an ear on the ground. He also mentioned that the rhino cases was taken from their unit and handed to organised crime at provincial level. They together/seperate (not clear) from Hawks are officially investigating these crimes. The last incidents of rhino poaching in this area, was committed by former farm workers. Even these assholes now know that there is a market and they are now even trying to tap into it. The guy says that they get called all the time by complainants, but they have to refer complaints the the organised crime unit.
    Bloody joke of what they can do or know. Well that’s the latest from me..

  2. ap Says:

    I hope you find a position. I know your help is needed, but, funding is scarce. I know poaching is a big problem even in California. But, there are very few to cover the entire state. Keep contacting all the non-profits in this field too, maybe they know someone who knows someone, or have some ideas.

  3. Antonio Beirao Says:

    Please send me a email with your details to admin@spg-msc.com

    We are Special Projects Group and possible we can get a solution for your problem .


  4. Jennie Upton Says:

    Keep that flame burning in your heart for the wildlife of Africa; you must be one of the few people whose ego does not need constantly stroking. Keep strong Wayne.

  5. Spartan Says:

    Yes, looks like someone would like the poaching to go on for ever.
    May the ritch get ritcher.

    I am a SA WHITE. SA WHITE’s do not give SA WHITES an chance.
    They would rather trample you further in the mud.

  6. Wayne Bisset Says:

    A year +, later, survived many minefields and I am 1 inch away from getting my mission off the ground. With a few good people and A Little Village.

  7. Stephan Kotze Says:

    You are 100% correct. Ant-Poaching Units are not properly trained. They need people that can do the work but for peanuts. Reserve Owners want the best to do the job but for nothing.
    In South Africa white men will struggle to even find a position. Some Anti-Poaching Units does not even have the proper equipment. The Poaching world has turned into a African Bush War.
    You cannot expect young boys to go and do a man’s job without proper training.
    South Africa is loosing the battle.

  8. Mitch. Says:

    OK ! Enough talk. Lets get the guys who really care together and make a plan. It might be surprising what capability is available and what can be brought to the table if an EFFECTIVE plan is formulated.

  9. Barry Says:

    Hi Wayne, I have axactly the same mindset as you. I am currently also in the large corprate retail world which I hope soon to leave behind. My dream would be to organise, train and run an anti Rino poaching unit on horses, during conscription military service I was fortunate enough to serve on the border in the mounted infantry unit. A well trained small mounted unit could be extremely efective in combatting this problem.
    All the best in following your dream Regards Barry.

  10. Dean Says:

    Hi Wayne
    I am looking to employ anti-poaching officers at Mabula private game reserve should you know of anyone that would be interested please ask them to send cv’s to scouts@lodge.mabula.co.za, it is incredibly hard to find people with passion for the job, as soon as you mention night shifts they duck and dive like it’s going out of fashion. Being dedicated to saving the African wildlife myself it is sad to see how the people with real passion have to struggle.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  11. sandile Says:

    am looking for an anti poaching job i have all qualification

    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      I tried for 3 years to either start or find a unit to work with. I want nothing to do with the “business” of saving rhino anymore. Would rather hang out with a bunch of honest thieves and whores than the people that are in this mess.

  12. Igor Rasputin Says:

    Very useful and interesting. Are you still in the field of security/anti-poaching?

  13. A Day with Rhino Rescue Project | One Man's Opinion Blog Says:

    […] Rhino Wars — Private Military Company vs Anti-Poaching […]

  14. Clayton Says:

    i am an ex soldier looking 2 start a career in anti poaching

  15. Wayne Bisset Says:

    Reblogged this on Section Eight Solutions.

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