The Evil of Our Times

Well it is time for a guest and we have a good one. Mike Billings presents the following opinion:

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing “– Edmund Burke

Our Man in Africa

In the quite of a Sunday morning my dogs move restlessly, engaging some unseen disturbance beyond my windows and walls. I live in a quiet community of small holdings and farms, an ideal hunting spot for the thief, undesirable and malcontent.
The neighbourhood is a sprawl of lanes and little dirt roads, a quaint backwater on the edge of the big city. Children run barefoot oblivious to the constraints of town house living and urban sprawl. Here horses move with freedom and dogs can chase guinea fowl and rabbits, Owls haunt the barn as rats and mice scurry for cover. Wild things still live here and the call of a Jackal still disturbs the nightjar.
This still life is disrupted by gunfire and unrest; lives are marred and taken by criminals that now prey on a quiet neighbourhood. A fear now grips this once peaceful place where gossip and neighbourly bickering where the only indiscretion’s. The fundamental need to survive is now paramount in a place where no one is prepared or trained to do anything about it. The Local Constabulary are hopelessly undertrained, under gunned, under staffed and totally demoralized. The lack of commitment shown by the police undermines the foundation of trust needed by both community and police to combat this scourge.
In the early hours of the morning, at our lowest ebb, the creak of gate or twang of fence cut, signals yet another intrusion into the world of the law abiding. The criminal is a student of human behavior, a cowardly perversion of psychological study, prowling in the shadows to prey on the unsuspecting.
Its 3:51am and my housemates phone rings, I’m already awake, I know disquiet is afoot and I’m ready, It’s our friends down the road she’s alone and under attack, the criminal dogs are attempting to render the window to savage and destroy. We move hard on them, I unleash the dogs and track them, my desire to inflict pain is a burning desire, my family is on the frontline and I’m determined to end this. I wish to bring the war to those who think we fear them, I will to give them reason to fear.
I’m always astounded by my neighbor’s lack of commitment to their own security or that of others, but then this is the way of the world, it is why men like me are in the world and why we are feared or called upon. I fear that our world is changing again, the time for action will soon be upon us, whether this community likes it or not. If we wish to survive this onslaught, we will have to learn to engage our neighbor’s, black and white and unite in the true spirit of togetherness
I FEAR that this is the beginning of a new wave of attacks that only the combined vigilance and resourcefulness of a community will end. How to bring them together, to unite them as one? A new dawn will have to present a new solution.
Of Men
Let not the Deeds of Men Pass into the Night,
Let Not Mans Spirit be Caged,
That Valour would Hide in The Shadow of Fear,
Till Desire Fails or Age Breaks,
Let it be Known that Men and Women of Deeds Still Walk This Land,
That The Shadow will Not Pass Unchallenged.
I Stand, Here, Now
The Call to Battle has Rung,
I will Fight The Madness that Consumes Men,
The Shadow Will Know My Name,
As I Stand So Many Gather Courage,
The Shadow Shall Not Pass Here,
– Michael Billings

Find out more about Michael:

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One Response to “The Evil of Our Times”

  1. isis Says:

    Wow! Very impressed with your writing skills and your words paint a beautiful picture. However the story was a little vague, it left alot to the imagination. I did like it though!

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