Anger & the South African Police

Monday morning. I had collected 4 barrels of dirty thinners and was taking it back to the recycling factory. As the load is nearly 1000kg I was driving very cautiously. I arrived at the T-junction at Petit. There was another heavily loaded bakkie (small truck) in front of me. I waited for him to move around the corner and then followed at a safe distance. All of a sudden a white BMW shot off the verge in front of him, blocking the road, all the doors slammed open and 4 policemen jumped out. A bloody scene from the movies! One policeman ran towards my vehicle and with one hand on his pistol, he motioned that I must pull off the road, directing me straight into a large pothole. I motioned back that I would pull over, but past the huge hole. The other police were also pulling cars off, on both sides of the road.

He came up to my window and told me I had not stopped at the stop sign. I politely told him I beg to differ. He got very angry and started shouting in heavily accented English, “I will charge you with contempt of court!” Over and over again. He then told me “we” have a serious problem here. He wanted my drivers license so I handed him my ID book. He looked in, not at my ID book. This caused him to ask, “This is a very serious problem, what can we do to make it go away?” Then, “What can you do to help me?” At this point I got a bit upset, pulled out my wallet and showing him my last R50 inside. I raised my voice and told him this was the only fucking money I have in the world and I cannot fucking “help” him!

This upset him badly. Not my disrespect but the fact I had no money for him. He started muttering how we ought to help each other, this was not right, and something along the lines of how we have to wipe each others hands… Shacking his head, he walked off to find richer pickings. I pulled back onto the road and slowly drove off.

What I wanted to do was: Beat the shit out of those policemen, dump a full barrel of thinners into the BMW and set it alight.

As you may have read in Anger. I have worked for years to deal with this problem, and do rather well. This week I have not, I came close to smashing my laptop because of a slow internet connection, nearly got into a fight with a man at the shopping center for looking at me …. So I did what I had to do this week, and then isolated myself from the outside world.

Viva the not so New South Africa, Viva the SAPS.

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Here is a story of developing and breaking an addiction, while dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome at the same time.



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3 Responses to “Anger & the South African Police”

  1. furbabymom Says:

    I can totally relate to having unbridled anger. I have issues with being able to deal with strong emotions. Sometimes, after much cursing and yelling, I succeed in regaining control. Other times, I am not able to reach a successful resolution.

  2. Wayne Bisset Says:

    Reblogged this on Section Eight Solutions.

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