An Inventory of Morals

The chain of thought from “Hiding behind labels ” continues thus:

A large percentage of this type of people, sadly, have another character flaw. In order to feel better about themselves they need to point out others faults, which, of course, are far greater than their own; which they haven’t even bloody looked at yet! They have no intention of helping others and are often self-righteous and malicious at the same time.

My strange classrooms taught me to take a moral inventory… I did not enjoy this, but in order to get out of the black hole I was in I had to, no, I chose to, big difference. My teachers told me I should get a pen and paper and make two lists, a good and a bad. Sort of like a profit and loss sheet. My first sheet I did was not a very honest one, I did not put half of my bad points down and struggled to find any good ones. I was in this classroom for  7 years and did many more of those sheets and due to the other subjects taught managed to get a little more honest with each one.


There are many people out there that have a “me, me, I” attitude but the very same people do a complete  turn about when asked to do a moral inventory of themselves. They suddenly gain great interest and “knowledge” of everyone/anyone else’s faults, seldom the good points.

You and you alone can do your moral inventory and it can only improve your viewpoint and your life.

You can, and a lot do, take someone else’s inventory, but it not only pointless it is harmful, mainly to yourself, but also to the person you are attacking. And an attack it is, good intentions and what ever other pathetic excuse you use to justify your actions.

Note to myself: Stop picking on the civilians.

A compilation of my Strange Classrooms is soon to be released, please “Like” and  keep an eye on this page.


Here is a story of developing and breaking an addiction, while dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome at the same time.


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2 Responses to “An Inventory of Morals”

  1. mariaan Says:

    ok. Here is the deal. You can stop picking on the civilians tomorrow 🙂

  2. Wayne Bisset Says:

    Reblogged this on Section Eight Solutions.

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