Koran burning and the Muslim Inferiority Complex

As the name of this blog suggests, it is about opinions, and I am glad to have a guest blogger to share his opinion on a very controversial topic with you. With no further ado let me present Jack Murphy……….   Koran burning and the Muslim Inferiority Complex

I am against book burning in whatever form it may take, be it goose stepping, jack booted thugs or a Florida Pastor looking to create a controversy. However, the recent Koran burning by Pastor Terry Jones and the reaction of protesters and militants in Afghanistan begs the question, did Muslims just prove Jones’ point? Are Muslims nothing but a bunch of savages? Let me clear the air up front: Pastor Jones is an idiot. You remember him from when he announced International Burn a Koran Day back on the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It was only after President Obama and US Defense Secretary Gates interceded that he backed down. Now he’s back at it again, finally following through on his book burning promises. Personally, I think anyone who burns a book is a moron, and those who allow this distraction to consume their lives are even bigger dupes. Documents were just released showing that billions of dollars of US bail-out money went to foreign banks, including Libya and we choose a Koran burning to get upset about? Really? Wasting no time in helping Jones propagate his message, demonstrators at Mazer-i-Sharif in Afghanistan responded to the Koran burning by raiding the local UN building. Once inside they murdered a number of European UN workers as well as their Nepalese guards, including two beheadings. American’s can barely concern themselves with their own dead soldiers, much less UN workers hailing from Sweden, Norway, and Romania, so what was the point? Even the most extreme Jews and Christians will simply shrug their shoulders at the burning of their holy books. Why are Muslim’s so volatile? Remember those silly Danish cartoons that got the Muslim community’s collective panties in a knot a few years ago? What is the big deal, do you really plan on going ape-shit and killing random people every time someone burns a book? Of course there is no logic behind these events. Some of these crowds are manipulated by mullahs, sheiks, and politicians but it is more than just that. The collective rage against the West by certain segments of the Muslim world seems to be a type of geopolitical penis envy. The Arab world sees that history has passed them by leaving them with nothing to do but watch the rest of us participate on their satellite TVs. I’ve worked with closely with Arabs and Muslims as a former US Special Forces Sergeant, training and advising indigenous troops, as well as interacting with the locals in Iraq and Afghanistan. I don’t hold the view that Muslims are bad, in fact I respect them for having strong families and not giving in to Western style commercialism. It’s also important to remember that just because they live in poverty, does not mean that they live poor lives. I would welcome moderate Muslims into my home any day and would remind those who fall prey to the manipulations of corrupt religious leaders like Pastor Terry Jones that they are being used as patsies in some asshole’s grand scheme of things. One has to ask themselves, if your religion is so powerful and so strong, then why is that your religion is shaken to its core by some clown in Florida burning a book? And for those who just don’t get it, well, I have a message for you too: I deleted a copy of the Koran off of my E-book reader last night. Bring it on.

by Jack Murphy.

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9 Responses to “Koran burning and the Muslim Inferiority Complex”

  1. Koran Burning and the Muslim Inferiority Complex | Reflexive Fire Says:

    […] A guest blog article I did for Wayne over at One Man’s Opinion: […]


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  3. Tunde Says:

    It’s not everyday you get to read an article that says exactly
    what’s on your mind, today is one of those days.

    These kind of events has always left me perplexed just wondering
    the way people think, one stupid morun (whom you don’t even know)
    burnt a quran and you went on a killing spree. like you said, not
    all muslims are volatile and violent cos I have muslim friends who
    are just as random and even better than some of my christian friends

    Going back a little, I remember when the Miss World Paegent was
    brought here (Nigeria) in 2002, some northern muslims protested
    against it (say they don’t want to see girls in bikini on their
    TV), to me that’s hypocrisy of the highest order – letme not go
    into details. So it happened that a young, naive and idiotic reporter
    said in an article

    “If Mohammed was alive, he would date one of those girls”

    (A very stupid and unreasonable statement but I’ve heard worse
    being said about Jesus) and just like you would expect,
    hell broke lose and people got
    killed, houses burnt, churches burned down plus the miss world
    event had to be taken to the UK. The said reporter had to seek
    assylum and is presently in Norway.

    It’s very pathetic if we have to act on everything people say or do.
    I can imagine having to put aside my normal daily activities, my
    work, my business just to go react to what someone (who is miles
    away and doesn’t even know me) said or did.

    I think I need to hold my ranting right here…ok after saying this
    I just blocked all muslim stations from my cable.

    Hell yeah, Bring it on


    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      Thank you for your comment and sharing your experience. Please feel free to rant as much as you like. :}


    • reflexivefire Says:

      Thank you for your response Tunde, your example parallels the situation I wrote about nicely. What an incredibly insensitive comment for that reporter to make! I believe in freedom of speech and expression, including for the idiots, otherwise we won’t have those freedoms ourselves. Still, as individuals we should try to carry ourselves with a little more dignity and respect for other belief systems.

      Applying for political asylum in a Northern European nation,


  4. kcnikkijamess6 Says:

    Amazing site by Rosaria Lovecchio


  5. DeusExMachina Says:

    As a Muslim, from my knowledge the Quran is allowed to be burnt when it is damaged or torn as a proper way of disposal. I think the overall sore point is the underlying insult of the the word of God(its not written by Mohammed, for those not in the know)from burning the Quran by someone of a different religion. I am unhappy, but not so unhappy like those Afghans who more or less uneducated and are easily swayed by mullahs with an agenda that regretfully committed murder of those not responsible for the action. Its a perpetual cycle of violence and thoughtlessness that is plaguing our generation.

    I wonder, in the name of freedom of expression, why would someone insults another person based on whatever, religion, race just to prove the point? I dont think the founding fathers have this intention in mind when they wrote the constitution. End of the day, the pastor, like Bin Laden are craving attention. And using religion as a platform to spread their insidious thoughts.


  6. Barbara Guillette Says:

    From what I understand the muslim mindset as it was explained to me , is if you diss Islam in any way , you are killing their children, by dissing their religion their children will believe in, so in their thoughts you are killing their children and by right they can kill you, I do not believe this but that is how it was explained to me.


  7. Barbara Guillette Says:

    To the muslims freedom of expression does not exist, that is the controversy our culture vs their culture. It goes deeper than religion really. The statement I oppose very much is the muslim claim that Mohammed is gods last prophet, that means we are stuck with what is written and the next prophet cannot undo the damage done.


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