The ANCYL and the rape of our youth

“The African National Congress Youth League humbly requests the Public Prosecutor, Adv Menzi Simelane to drop criminal charges against the three Jules High School learners for what was initially reported as rape, if the incident is really not rape. In full respect of the rule of law and all criminal procedures that exist, the ANC Youth League does not believe that criminally prosecuting children will correct their behaviour.”

I challenge the continued existence of this “organization”. I challenge their morals and well, fuck it, everything about them actually! They have no interest in protection of the youth in this country, thus Youth League in their name is an abomination. Reading the statistics in this article on child rape is my case in point. Their leader, Malema, calls for absolution of rapists and the death of farmers. WTF! In our wonderful (not so) New South Africa it is difficult to get statistics based on colour, but it is certainly NOT the white farmers that rape children. It would interest me, per capita, statistics on white to black rapist statistics, particularly on child molestation.

Not doubt I shall be called a racist for this opinion. There have been many times during my wandering through Africa where a darker pigmentation would have come in handy, perhaps this is one of them?


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