The Ecosystem Package for Shrimps

Yesterday we concentrated mainly on the shrimps, today perhaps we should think about the Ecosystem Package, without which the shrimp simply would not exists. The shrimp is a relatively simple little creature and easy to please — if one knows how. :}

The Ecosystem Package however is one of the most complex things on the planet.

I say “we” because I feel I am the least qualified to  discuss this matter. Many of my previously owned Ecosystem Packages are rather pissed off with me and I am not too good at approaching new ones. As with all ecosystems, these highly specialized Ecosystem Packages are very delicate and need to be well look after. Any small disruption can cause a major disaster. This will cause your access to the shrimp to be curtailed or severely limited. Therefore I would advise you do a lot of research on your Ecosystem Package, each is unique, and make sure that the system is well maintained and cared of.

I am hoping that you will provide more information in the comments, if some Ecosystem Packages add some input it would be great!

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4 Responses to “The Ecosystem Package for Shrimps”

  1. karen Says:

    Part 1 – Knowledge

    The Ecosystems Keeper, the earnest shrimp conservationist 🙂

    Before sharing some valuable words I would like to distinguish between an Ecosystem Keeper and a shrimp larva gatherer. Very different in position and function. The latter being part of serious collateral damage. Feel free to watch a video:

    features the happenings in Ecuador where shrimp farming did not allow for the balance of nature and resulted in catastrophe.

    The Ecosystem Keeper on the other hand is sensitive to the fact that an Ecosystem services the the world. Fully aware of its necessary benefits to people: providing clean air, water purification, soil stabilization, to name a few.

    Essentially everything we depend on for our livelihoods depend on ecosystems and the processes, services, and products they create. The Ecosystem Keeper knows this and is driven by a universal mission and personal desire to care and truly nurture that which sustains the Keeper himself/ herself.

    Part two to be continued…

  2. Wayne Bisset Says:

    I wait with eager anticipation for part two.

  3. karen Says:

    Part 2 – Intuition

    A possible relationship between intuition and intimacy 🙂

    It is really pleasant to keep certain matters simple. Simple and private.

    The matter between a man and a woman and their intimacy is one of these things. It seems that as it is kept, and kept hidden in a safe place, and nurtured by both individuals it can become a space for beautiful experiences, for art and poetry, exploration and growth.

    Looking deeply to understand the nature of a woman or a man is healthy ‘practice’. They say that with understanding, comes acceptance and compassion. Maybe even, real appreciation.

    To write about these matters takes a certain awareness or intuition, not so much…analytics.

    I’ve been reading about children. Children learn best by experiencing life. I don’t think it’s much different for adults. Experiencing certain depths and new things in a safe environment is how we all learn best.
    These natural experiences are sometimes threatened by the risk of devastation, this is true. Destruction of a very natural environment.

    What I think many may not realize though is that this natural environment is not so much the outward environment. It’s more about a devastation, firstly, of an inner environment.

    Regarding this, I think it is good to know oneself first and maintain an awareness of the source of ones thoughts. Another healthy habit is to be in the present moment, actively engaged in each others lives in some way without being obsessive.

    It seems that society is growing more cynical every day. There’s so much lack of honesty and integrity and a distorted focus on externals which may spill over into intimacy and do more damage in the long run than any good. I really believe this is something that one can protect oneself and someone else from.

    For me it comes with being in touch with God and practicing mindfulness. I find that being aware this way helps one to go back to oneself, ones irreplaceable worth in relation to another, to calm oneself amidst uncertainty, to look deeply in order to transform and live…

    REAL intimacy.

    Final Part three to be continued…

  4. karen Says:

    Part 3 – Divine Alignment and Fulfillment

    What would knowledge and intuition be without divine alignment? And divine fulfillment?

    Divine alignment comes from God’s desire and purpose for a life and a union of beings.

    This is one of those mysteries in life…which cannot be written all that much about, but fully experienced 🙂

    It’s like nature. One can sketch nature, paint nature, photograph nature, study nature…write about it and all the beauty within it…but yet one cannot capture it in all its reality…its intricacies 🙂 its subjectivity 🙂

    We’re not meant to, I suppose.

    The One who created… He is the reality of all His design…

    And it seems He would go beyond sharing His design only…

    He gives Himself 🙂

    So, here we are, in the hands and genius of our Maker:

    Regardless of my limited concept and understanding, I believe that a man is formed for God and from God and woman is formed for a man…from a man. A woman is an extension of a man, as man is an extension of God, divinely so but plainly stated.

    One God, one man, one woman, one person.

    It goes beyond reason! Beyond time. But works so perfectly, as was intended.

    Your maker is your husband – Isaiah 54:5

    If I were a designer, the most brilliant kind…with a most brilliant design and plan, the most exquisite functions and delicate buttons. I’d want my work to be enjoyed! Yes truly enjoyed! And used fully.

    But I would be quite morbid if those I created everything for didn’t even recognize me, my true nature, and my reason for it all.

    Nothing can be truly enjoyable without realizing God and allowing God, since it would be a distant enjoyment, it would be without His very Person.

    If His Spirit is not acknowledged within and without, and between a man and a woman…however finely…there is no real alignment, no real substance.

    Since we seem to be a combination of animal, human, and God at times…some things appear enjoyable from an animal angle.

    But not for long…not for long…

    Soon the animal is totally gone 🙂

    The animal nature will be shed, like old skin…

    We will be released into the full reality of that which we long for 🙂

    That which we are:

    God-men and God-women.

    Happy Ending x x x

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