Recovering from addiction

The Mexican Horse Thief’s Initial Recovery Method.

Found these notes in one of my old notebooks, thought I would share them.

Day 1

First day without alcohol after years of abuse. You should know by now that the “hair of the dog” will make you sicker not better. You are quite literally deathly ill, physically. Mentally you are in a retarded state. You have not the energy to do anything but lie there, sleep will not come. The only time you move is to get liquid into your system which is being lost by all the sweating. This is promptly vomited out.

Find a safe place and just rest as best as possible.

Night 1

Sleep will still not come easily, perhaps for only short periods. Alternately you are hot or freezing cold. You sweat profusely soaking the bedding and even the mattress. You shake as if you have a bad case of malaria. Your dreams are worse than nightmares.

Keep 3 or 4 t-shirts nearby; change them as they soak through.

Keep a bottle of water next to the bed, and a bucket.

Day 2

You are dead tired. You wish you were just dead. You don’t even feel like a drink! But the thought that “just one” will make all of this go away is there.

Resist that thought!

Get up! You will not want to but just do it!

Drink lots of water.

Try and eat something, even a piece of dry bread.

Have a bath, do not shower, you may fall and injure yourself.

Rest your now clean body.

Night 2

Same as bloody night one.

Day 3

By now you should be able to eat, this causes stomach to rebel, so a lot of time is spent in the toilet. You now are feeling up to a drink again. Thoughts of I am not really addicted to this shit are in your head.


Think about why you are in so much trouble in the first place, and not the physical, your whole bloody life. That should scare you!

Night 3

You should get just a little more sleep, by it is still bad.

If you make it this far you can do it!

This I know.


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