Origin of the Mexican’s Name

A very young Mexican Horse Thief

In order to get some credibility with ones troops one has to do something even the best of them cannot. The fact that they were all about my size and smaller gave me an idea. The Russian Light Machine Gun (LMG) weighs around 13 kilograms unloaded, it is a belt feed weapon and the long belt takes 200 rounds of 7.62 mm ammo at a rate of at least 750 rounds a minute. Not a Mickey Mouse caliber, it has a bi-pod that is used in normal firing position. My large South African friend could fire this weapon out of his shoulder! If I tucked most of the butt under my arm and used the barrel changers handle, I could fire this weapon standing up. Accurately! It would push me back a good few paces when firing a full belt, as I kept having to take a step backwards in order not to fall on my bum! To this my troops would jump up and down shouting “Muntu boi, Comandante Americano!” Some of them had seen South Americans in Cuba, I look like a Latino and no matter how hard I tried to convince them I was not a bloody American they would not listen to me. The other thing my ‘American’ status got me was they thought a had a supply of ‘Cocaina.’ And kept asking me for a supply. Cocaine, so they definitely had met Colombians in Cuba. So while in that country the Angolans called me Comandante Americano and my mates from Executive Outcomes called me “The Mexican Horse Thief”. Because of some movie a few of them had seen had a character that resembled me, who was a Mexican. They had all been at the then notorious brothel in Sandton, South Africa called The Ranch. The movie was a porno flick and this Mexican was the main character. See in Angola everything is upside down and visa versa!


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