Think Pink

Short Stories by Wayne Bisset, the Mexican Horse Thief

The best form of defense is attack; another good tactic is to hide in plain site.

After my Note about Older Woman I was in a firefight of some intensity, both on my facebook page and via messages! The idea that I have a romantic/soft side was brandished so, lets go the whole way and put it in the open. I am not scared, neither am I ashamed.

This Mexican has been known to do the following, regularly, for a few of the ladies he has had the privilege of living with over the years. Some of them are on my friends list, but all eventually left living with me and married one of the good guys.

I would get dinner going and just before the lady arrived home from work start a bubble bath running, put candles in both rooms. Music on. The lady arrives home.  I greet her at the door with a single flower taken from the bunch in a vase on the diner table. I take her hand and lead her to the bedroom, her eyes normally wide at the sight and smells. There I gentle help her out of her uncomfortable work clothes and message the tension out of her back, all the while encouraging her to tell me about her horrible day. Next, after checking the water, I set her in the bath and leave her for a while. Give me time to make sure the bloody supper is not burning! Lay out some appropriate clothing on the bed. I return and may even join her in the bath, or not. Then towel her dry and leave her once again to dress. I serve the food and pour the wine.

And THAT is a start to a great evening at home… heh heh.

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Here is a story of developing and breaking an addiction, while dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome at the same time.



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7 Responses to “Think Pink”

  1. h0ll0wd0ll Says:

    Wow, so romantic. I do sense, however, that all this is not entirely for the sole benefit of the lucky lady… you sneaky Gypsy! 😉

  2. Sharon Says:

    Now this is what we all dream of. My man is one of the good guys and I married him, but he still knows how to do all of the above. How do I get him to be naughty? Answers below please!!!

  3. karen Says:

    good guy…

    His a hard one to see.

    and he is deeply troubled, because he has no guarantee.

    who plays the senseless games now?

    who makes such ways?

    which make him feel ashamed.

    of wanting

    his wife

    only for himself!

    they think its her heart that hurts first…

    i tell you, it is not

    for now

    his wife has lost her only spot

    and neither have a home!!!

  4. karen Says:

    please write more…

  5. Wayne Bisset Says:

    Reblogged this on Section Eight Solutions.

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