Doctors, teacher’s strikes – Rule of Law

Babies and patients dying in hospitals, students, pre-teenage students threatened with violence; this I read in the media. Some war torn 3rd world country? Armed rebels like RUF running amok? No, teachers and doctors, educated people running amok in South Africa, supposedly the most democratic country in the world.

The teachers that threaten children, we have a law for assault; one need not touch another person in order to get charged with this. Why are the perpetrators not arrested immediately? Un like America, South Africa did sign the Bill for Children’s rights. The doctors that allow babies to suffer, patience to die, are they too above the law?

Then the millions of Rands these so called strikes cost in damages to property as the “strikers” riot and destroy everything before them. Who is ultimately responsible? As they are “legal” strikes organized by government backed unions, are not the unions accountable for their people?

It would seem, like the ANC itself, these people are all above the law. As it is impossible to vote this government out a lot of far right people are advocating civil unrest, even civil war. This would just add to the insanity that is South Africa. There is not only a lack of the principle, Rule of Law, in a civil war, there is no law at all, making the present scenario look like paradise, believe me.

One solution……… coup d’état


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One Response to “Doctors, teacher’s strikes – Rule of Law”

  1. h0ll0wd0ll Says:

    An elegant solution.

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